UK: Elderly woman contracts left eye infection after wearing contact lenses in shower and loses sight


England, October 10: In a bizarre incident, an elderly woman in England lost one of her eyes after wearing contact lenses in the shower for over a month. The woman, identified as Marie Mason (54), shared an incident detailing how she contracted the infection in her left eye after a microscopic amoeba in tap water managed to get between her contact lens and the cornea.

In 2015, the woman noticed something was wrong as she constantly felt like there was something stuck in her eye. Following this, she visited the optician when her vision began to deteriorate and was quickly rushed to hospital. During this time, she was told that a bacteria known as Acanthamoeba keratitis was living in her eye. Apparently the woman had been wearing contact lenses for 30 days prior to the incident. She even took showers wearing contacts that allegedly caused the infection. A Viagra overdose lands a newly married Prayagraj in the hospital; Had surgery twice, may have to live with a permanent problem in the private part.

The infection developed over time and began to feast on her cornea. This caused the woman to quickly lose her sight. The woman spent her five years on a variety of medications as well as a number of unsuccessful operations. She even had three corneal transplants. Penis stabbing mother-of-four is arrested for cutting off her boyfriend’s private part and murdering his friend, appears in Australian court on charges of double.

Due to the infection, the woman had to stop working in a school kitchen. She was forced to put eye drops every half hour to relieve the pain. The woman said she had to go to the hospital two to three times a week, and sometimes even more. However, the woman’s infected eye had to be removed after multiple unsuccessful corneal transplants.

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