‘Through Their Eyes’ Exhibit Features Works by Veterans | Gas


Artwork by more than two dozen veterans fills the Trusler Gallery during the annual Veterans Exhibit at the Emporia Arts Center through Nov. 13.

The juried exhibition is an annual exhibition showing the artistic work of veterans and those currently serving in all branches. Sarah Bulinski, manager of a gallery and art shop, said she chose this year’s theme, “Through Their Eyes”, to show how military service changes people’s perspective. one person.

“Things [veterans] that they’ve experienced, the things that they’ve seen – it can change the way they see the world, from the big things to the little things that make up everyday life,” she said. “This show allows us to see the world through their eyes.”

Benjamin Green, a retired sailor, won the People’s Choice Award. Green’s art is a large landscape titled “Misty Mountain”, inspired by places he saw on his travels as well as JRR Tolkein’s “Lord of the Rings”. Created using paint, joint compound, sand and epoxy, the support is as significant as the visual.

“Normally when I work with epoxy it’s on countertops,” Green said. He is a co-owner of Heritage Builders and Custom Furniture, LLC with his brother, Adam. Paint, joint compound and epoxy are tools of the trade for the Green brothers.

The black sand used to create a textured beach in the bottom left of the artwork comes from a trip Green and his wife, Leah, took a few years ago.

“We went to Iceland for our anniversary in 2018 and I brought back a bottle of black sand,” Green said. “The first piece of art I did was for her and I used the sand too. I thought it would be more meaningful than just having a bottle of sand on a shelf. It immortalizes the journey.

Featured artists have worked in multiple mediums including painting, photography, woodworking, fiber and natural materials. Some artwork featured patriotic or military themes, others featured other aspects of life. Bulinksi said she was thrilled with the variety of media, art and imagery in the exhibit.

“I wanted this show to be an expression of a veteran’s whole life,” she said. “Military service is a big part of a veteran’s story, but it’s not the only part. They have families, hobbies, careers – this art tells a fuller story.


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