Thoroughbred Racing Productions uses new FUJINON 4K lenses for its new fleet of control rooms


Thoroughbred Racing Productions (TRP) produces over 2,500 hours of live HD thoroughbred racing each year. The company provides exclusive production services to Victoria’s racing industry, producing shows for over 525 thoroughbred racing meetings held across the state. These broadcasts are provided to free and pay TV channels in Australia and overseas, customers on the course and, most importantly, the paid stewards who manage the integrity of the races. This means delivering a premium sport vision that not only captures the spectacular excitement of thoroughbred racing, but also the finer details. In pursuit of those finer details, TRP recently purchased high-quality FUJINON 4K lenses for its new OB fleet.

“We are in the process of upgrading the high definition OB fleet that Sony built for us 13 years ago, which began with the replacement of our main metro unit in 2019 and received approval to replace the units country race in March 2020,” says TRP Engineering and Technical Operations Manager, Charles Cole. “As the new Metro main unit has been a big hit with our operators, the country unit design has become a cookie cutter of the main unit but a scaled down version. As we use the highest quality equipment in these new units, it was a natural progression to buy FUJINON’s best lenses.

As the two national units travel across Victoria and are the backbone of race production for over 400 race meetings, TRP demands a high quality, robust and reliable facility from them.

“To this end, FUJINON lenses have proven to be of exceptional quality and high reliability. So we bought several UA46x and UA24x 4K lenses that suited our needs perfectly,” adds Cole. “The UA46x lenses offer the versatility to produce race production and marshal integrity video that meets any requirement, whether it’s the narrow or wide zoom range. The UA24x are workhorse lenses around the rig or in the studio.

Typically the main race coverage and stewards tower cameras use the UA46x lenses and depending on camera and track positioning a 2x extender can also be used. All other cameras, assembly yard, scale back, bottom, studio and accommodations all use UA24x lenses.

“With over 2,500 hours of live television production each year, TRP needs to be sure that we can deliver the images and sound to our stakeholders that they expect and FUJINON lenses are a key part of that delivery,” concludes Cole. . “Finally, I would consider FUJIFILM Australia as a partner rather than a supplier to TRP as they are very responsive to our needs and have supported us with factory support whenever needed. The maintenance and repair service provided by FUJIFILM Australia is second to none.


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