These versatile glasses protect your eyes from the sun’s rays and harmful blue light


Seamless protection from the inside out

XTRActive New Generation is a range for those who run a lot between indoors, outdoors and in the car. Maybe you’re a busy mom driving your kids, or maybe your job requires you to go from meeting to meeting at another address, or maybe your day involves running multiple errands.

Whatever the case, Xtractive New Generation contact lenses might just be the perfect accessory for you. They feature the most advanced dye package with new fine-tuned photochromic molecules to provide the best supplemental darkness and best supplemental light protection.

The powerful clear lenses can be activated to darken faster than the brand’s previous models, adjusting seamlessly as you switch between trips to the office, home, school and supermarket. In fact, you are not only protected when sitting in the car – the glasses have the same effect even in hot weather.

Available in three colors, they also come with cool mirror finishes to make whatever pair you choose really pop.

Ideal for those who love the outdoors

XTRActive Polarized is suitable for athletes who spend a lot of time outdoors. You might be a golfer trying to find a ball or a hiker and nature enthusiast who observes flora and fauna. You may be sailing or fishing and you face sunlight bouncing off the waves. Or you might have to do a lot of driving and sometimes find yourself momentarily blinded by reflective glare from other cars.

There are many types of situations where refracted light is harsh – snow, sand, and sea; cars and city buildings – as well as refractive glare obscures detail, reduces contrast and affects vision. These situations are uncomfortable at best and dangerous at worst, which is why you would need a pair of goggles that can protect your eyes from the blinding light.

The innovative Xtractive Polarized lenses are the only photochromic lenses available on the market that are polarized, which effectively eliminates glare. They also activate quickly in the car and can achieve up to 90% polarization efficiency in direct sunlight outdoors.

Its proprietary polarization technology also helps expand your field of vision, enhancing color, increasing contrast and sharpening detail.

Like the New Generation XTRActive, this range of lenses goes just as quickly from clear to optimally dark, whether you’re driving or in a hot environment.


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