‘The Transient’: Fleeting Emotions Through the Lenses of Aneek Mustafa Anwar


In collaboration with the German Embassy, ​​Kala Kendra inaugurated “Transient”, the first solo photographic exhibition of Aneek Mustafa Anwar, on September 23, 2022. The ceremony was enhanced by the presence of His Excellency Achim Troster, Ambassador of the Federal Republic of Germany. Photographer and director of Counter Foto, a visual arts center, Saiful Huq Omi also attended the event as a guest. Organized by Wakilur Rahman, the exhibition started after the precious speeches of the guests.

The walls of Kala Kendra are adorned with the versatile photographic journey of Aneek Mustafa Anwar. Wakilur Rahman says, “We live in a world where everything is fleeting – our moods, our feelings, our experiences. This impermanence is what makes our lives so beautiful. Aneek’s photography captures this very essence of beautifully fleeting moments.” Although an engineer, Aneek chose to pursue photography and participated in several local and international exhibitions and workshops. With five international awards up her sleeve, Aneek currently holds the position of Vice Principal of Counter Foto – A Visual Arts Center.

Kala Kendra’s first room contains Aneek’s collaboration with Raghu Rai in India. This series is about the colorful and vibrant Pushkar Mela in the heart of the Thar Desert from where glimpses of the Middle East can be seen. The myriad of people and their camels, the Hindu myths and culture, the livelihoods, their daily chores, the food, the dances, the desert moon – every little detail had been captured in Aneek’s frames.

Aneek’s attempt to show the importance of parks in the city of Dhaka inspired him to take pictures of people of all ages and eccentric statues. Before the advent of cable television, movie theaters were the most popular places to escape reality. The birthplace of the photographer is Khulna and the movie theaters there have been treated as landmarks. But the modern Cineplexes replaced the older movie theaters, and this bankruptcy led to their demolition. The old halls are in ruins; the staff lives in a tethered state. Places once lit up with fond memories have now lost their charm to modern technology. An entire gallery room is dedicated to this series.

In her quest to keep fragments of her grandmother’s soul, Aneek photographed her comb, shoes, jewelry, and more. the. He said he likes to take pictures of people, emotions and things that are unconventional in one way or another. A photograph shows a woman in motion, gracefully dancing in a flowing dress. There are multiple images of lovers in all shapes, forms and colors. An interesting image has different people around a table, having different conversations in groups of two or three.

The images captured by Aneek through his lenses speak to us, showing a living world that exists and invoking the desire to come out of our cocoon and explore it. Kala Kendra will animate this exhibition open to all until October 10, 2022.


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