The beauty of nature through the lenses of viewers


As Destin Sparks once said, “Photography is the story that I can’t put into words.” That’s the beauty of photography, it captures unsaid emotions, untold stories and fond memories. People all over the world can see such amazing talents on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Even those brilliant people also get their deserved recognition. Let more talent be there for us to watch, or let us search and find our own talent to take it to the next level. Today we bring you the work of amazing photographs and the stories captured through lenses.

Navinvatsa magic

As India is full of diverse cultures, geographies and lifestyles, a photographer can never overlook capturing them at their zenith. Women carrying loads on their heads and walking on the flooded river, children trying to reach the other bank in the flood, dogs in the street, a mother and her baby… everything can be photographed. But the way Navin Kumar clicks with the perfect angle and focus is mesmerizing. For him, the need for narration helps him decide “what to film”. In Muzaffarpur, on a foggy day, he clicked on a poetic photo where there were 3 layers in a single photo. The first is the boat and 2 travelers; the second is the fog and the third is the earth and its trees. Instagram helps everyone to see such amazing photos. As they say, every person has a story to tell, and every photo they take has a better story to tell. Navin also works for National Geographic Channel.

The journey of Jayanta Roy

Rain, fog, lightning, floods, winter snow, ice-covered mountains, sunny morning. The beauty of nature is inevitable. A single second never returns in the timeline. The best thing to enjoy it multiple times is to capture it. Jayanta shines a light on those irresistible moments forever. He has an appealing sense of light and shadow that his portraits of old people are brilliant. He mostly takes black and white photos. The emotion released is overwhelming. Jayanta of Calcutta also sells its archival collections.

Shivya’s Impact

Shivya Nath is a writer, photographer and storyteller who wants to champion a cause. She posts beautiful photos of foras and wildlife and gives different perspectives on understanding the conservation of these species. His photographs have been published on National Geography, BBC, WashPost, etc. It evokes the threats faced by animal species and gives the viewer a beautiful image of them so that we understand the need to protect them. Yes, nature deserves to be preserved. Who doesn’t like cycling in the warm twilight near the rice fields or having a hot tea near the sunny balcony? Shivya is the kind of person who mixes love of self with love of nature. She has traveled to South Africa, Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Bhutan, etc., and is the author of the bestseller “The Shooting Star – A Girl, a Backpack and the World”. Shivya has also inspired many, speaking at the Women’s Forum program hosted by the Economic Times in 2020.

Neelima nails it

Yet another conservation photographer is Neelima Vallangi who captures fascinating nature scenes with her camera. The Weight of Water: The Human Cost of the Climate Crisis is a documentary directed by this amazing filmmaker. She has worked with DW, Guardian, Al Jazeera, BBC, National Geography Channel, etc. She traveled across India to learn and unlearn more about nature and people. Neelima takes random routes and takes the most overlooked moment and turns out to be the best photography ever. Apart from nature scenes, it also touches on art and culture in which India is surplus. Kathakali, Theyyam’s photography that she captured is truly admirable.


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