Tamron’s two new industrial lenses


December 10, 2021, Commack, NY – Tamron announces the launch of two new prime lenses for industrial use. The new SMA11F16 and SMA11F25 feature high spectral transmittance over a wide band from the visible light band to the SWIR band1 with focus shift suppressed to an absolute minimum across the entire band. The new lenses are expected to be available in December 2021.

High-resolution machine vision cameras have become indispensable for industrial applications such as inspecting external views of components and products, and inspecting electrical components mounted on boards. Most cameras use the visible light band for inspection.

On the other hand, cameras for industrial use using the SWIR (Short-Wave IR) band have gained a prominent position for applications that are not easily processable in the visible light spectrum. These applications include the inspection of product and food defects, the detection of contaminants and the identification of materials under test. In recent years, a single camera solution that allows imaging in the broad spectrum including both visible light and the SWIR band has become commercially available. The new camera for industrial use allowing imaging in the broad spectrum contributes, in addition to the advantage of using a single camera instead of several cameras, to improving the precision of inspection and detection thanks to the use of more bandwidth for imaging.

To meet the growing market need, Tamron currently offers a 5μm pixel pitch 12mm 1″ industrial-use prime lens (Model: SMA11F12) compatible with wide spectrum covering both visible light and SWIR tape Two new models (16mm model: SMA11F16 and 25mm model: SMA11F25) are now introduced to meet the increasing demands for product inspection.

In addition to new proprietary optical technology that makes the new lenses compatible with the wider spectrum covering both visible light and the SWIR band, focus shift between different bands is reduced to an absolute minimum, eliminating thus the need for refocusing across the band. New advanced lens coating technology also ensures consistently high spectral transmittance across the entire spectrum, from visible light to the SWIR band.

Tamron continues to pursue high optical performance that delivers superb image detail and excellent user utility, meeting critical customer requirements and needs for machine vision prime lenses for industrial use.

Significant reduction in focus shift between visible light and SWIR band

The focus shift occurring between different bands is effectively reduced over the whole spectrum corresponding to the wavelength from 400 nm to 1700 nm. The new lenses provide an optimal optical component for a machine vision camera operating in the visible light band, an industrial-use camera operating in the SWIR band, and an industrial-use camera operating in both bands.

Industry-leading spectrum transmission

Tamron’s new proprietary lens coating technology provides protection of approx. 80% constant spectral transmittance across the entire spectrum, from visible light to the SWIR band1.

About TAMRON Co., Ltd.

Tamron provides a wide range of original optical products, from interchangeable lenses for digital cameras to various optical devices for consumers and OEMs. We manufacture optical products that contribute to a range of different industries and will continue to dedicate its rich creativity and advanced technical prowess to various industrial fields. Moreover, TAMRON is fully aware of its responsibility towards the environment and aspires to contribute to the preservation of the natural environment in all its business activities.


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