Take your eyes off the old one. . !


LEAVING your comfort zone is very difficult and sometimes painful. In my book, DARE, I have a chapter, “Dare to leave your comfort zone” but today I’m not going to quote my book, but a story, possibly true, written by Katherina Seidler:

“The waves lapped rhythmically under the keel of the Santa Maria, the flag atop the mast floated above the billowing sail. The east wind had been blowing for 36 days!

Pedro leaned over the balustrade and watched with burning eyes as the Canary Islands disappeared into the horizon. “What do you dream of Pedro?” Columbus asked, laying an encouraging hand on the sailor’s shoulder.

“The land is disappearing Admiral; these are the last peaks of the mountains of Spain”, says Pedro wistfully and with a deep sigh, “And here there is only the east wind. How can we come back to Spain with this? My wife and children are waiting for me in Palos”

Columbus looked kindly at the homesick sailor: “Turn around. Behind your back, India is beckoning. Doesn’t it lure you with its treasures? Don’t glory and adventure appeal to you?

Pedro nodded but said, “Yes, they certainly do, sir Admiral, but I miss my family, my boat, the safe harbor, the streets and my home town. It was so nice to come home every night!”

“Get yourself together and prove you’re a man!” Columbus shouted, grabbing Pedro’s shoulders and shaking him, “As an experienced sailor, you know very well that no one discovers new coasts until they take their eyes off the old one!”

Well Columbus discovered more than India, he discovered America, the richest land in the world, and I can well imagine that Pedro must have benefited enormously from this discovery. This morning I learned that the two daughters of a close friend were going to study abroad. They grew up in a very loving family and it must have been a very difficult decision, but one they dared to take. My cook’s daughter has also decided to leave for Canada, and I notice that many of the younger generation are venturing there, how about you?

What is the move you need to make? Decision to move from the city where you live or from the housing complex? Or have you moved away and instead of making new friends in the new place, like Pedro, you keep looking back, missing old friends?

Much of this “looking back” keeps us from enjoying the newness around us! Or maybe you lost a loved one, or broke up with someone and instead of living in the present, live in past memories? Pedro had to tear his eyes from his beloved Spain after Christopher Columbus spoke to him, but he must have been a happy man later because, “take his eyes from the old..!”


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