Suspects Caught Selling Stolen High-End Camera Lenses


(Fulton County Sheriff’s Office)

East Point police have arrested two suspects accused of attempting to sell stolen high-end camera lenses.

Officials say the investigation began when a suspect went to a film rental business in East Point to try to sell the four high-speed camera lenses.

The suspect allegedly told the store owner that a family member had died and he wanted to sell the lenses. In total, the lenses were valued at over $71,000.

Feeling suspicious, police said the store owner told the man to leave the equipment and then contacted another company to see if the serial numbers were the same as the recently stolen lenses.

After confirmation, the companies call the police, who set up an undercover operation and arrest the two suspects when they arrive at the scene. A third was arrested in the vehicle in which the other two went to the store.

Police have identified the suspects as Rashad Jones, Shabaz Sohani and Javours Mitchell. Investigators said Jones was wanted outside of Riverdale for failure to appear and outside of DeKalb County for identity theft and elder abuse or neglect.

Jones was charged with theft by deception. Sohani was charged with theft by conversion and possession of less than one ounce of marijuana. Mitchell was charged with possession of less than one ounce of marijuana.



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