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When an “upgrade” is needed

When Sunnies Studios opened in 2013, the vision was to make it a one-stop shop for sunglasses. Today, optics is now under Sunnies Studios, making the brand a full-service eyewear store for prescription eyewear and sunglasses.

This year, another category is introduced with their offer of progressive lenses. “We’ve been planning the launch of our progressive category for two years,” reveals the Sunnies Studios team. “When we launched our Sunnies Home Optical, our mobile optical store, we noticed that many people who were enjoying their appointments were buying progressive glasses. As part of our vision to become a one-stop-shop for eyewear, it was important for Sunnies Studios to meet the needs of this specific market over the long term, offering lenses and frames for the age group that will have them. need.

Progressive lenses are multifocal lenses that allow you to see at different distances. Recommended for people who have difficulty seeing near and far – an all-in-one lens with multiple prescriptions so you don’t have to switch between two frames. This visual challenge usually occurs when you are over 40, but it can also be experienced by just about anyone, which is why an eye exam is always recommended.

With seven styles to choose from, the Progressive collection consists of lightweight pieces in natural colors designed for everyday use. These can also be used for a regular prescription. The difference of wearing progressive lenses is that it will take some getting used to for those who are new to this category.

The Sunnies Studios team suggests the following tips.
1. Prevent changing glasses so that you can adapt easily. It can take up to four days or more to adjust to new progressive lens wearers.

2. Practice using it in familiar places (such as at home or at work) until you are able to assess the limits of the lenses.

3. Incorporate more head movement and less eye movement when using your new lenses.

4. Be sure to tilt your head when going up or down stairs or getting into the car. Everything you see in the lower part of the lens makes it look closer.

5. The sides of the lenses do not have your prescription grade. The mix of distance, intermediate and near grades is found on the sides of the lens.

6. Wear the glasses as they were fitted and marked by your doctor.

7. Progressive lenses are best tried on in the presence of your optometrist. If you need further assistance, please feel free to visit any Sunnies Studios store.

Framed progressive lenses start at P3,299 or $85. “The final price will depend on the patient’s prescription and preferred lens upgrade, such as High Impact, Sun Adaptive or Ultrathin. We also offer two types of progressive lenses for patients to choose from, our house brand and Essilor lenses,” adds the Sunnies Studios team.

The optical store also offers international shipping, so it’s a great gift and care package option to send to friends and relatives based outside the Philippines. “We’ve also had a ton of messages from international fans of the brand who kept asking us to ship our items overseas, so we’ve launched our global shipping service through our website.”

Shop at any Sunnies Studios store, visit the website at or book an appointment through the Sunnies Home Optical service at to enjoy the latest services Expect more from Sunnies Studios this year. Follow @sunniesstudios on Instagram for more updates.




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