Spiritual R&B Singer Moneá Releases “My Eyes Are Open”


R&B artist Moneá is back with a sweet and ethereal hit “My Eyes Are Open”. The dreamlike track blurs the lines between what is real and what is merely fantastic, as the young artist explores themes of love and the urgency she possesses to pursue her goals. After releasing her highly anticipated debut EP “777”, Moneá has presented herself as the kind of artist equipped to lead fans on a spiritual journey while inspiring self-love, unity and self-esteem. self. Musically and lyrically suited to the mainstream, it dives fearlessly into metaphysics while introducing a charm to existentialism, leaving many listeners on their toes from start to finish. Her ability to trust the universe is contagious – leaving no doubt as to why she chose to release “My Eyes Are Open” on August’s full moon.

“I’m wide awake but I need time to think, I gotta pinch myself ’cause it’s really hard to accept / This fantasy, I can’t believe it, is it a dream I need for the to chase.” ~ My eyes are open

Our dreams can give us a lot of information about our reality, especially if we keep track of what we dream about. In “My Eyes Are Open”, Moneá channels a dream she once had about someone she didn’t want to end. This is what is at the very heart of his captivating new hit. Once she heard the beat, she immediately thought of a dream she had about her first love before they started dating. it was a positive dream – a dream so good it turned into a song. Focusing its narrative on spirituality, Moneá’s social media presence has seen extreme growth this year with more than 38,000 loyal TikTok followers to date. Online, the young artist delivers an engaging combination of enchanting R&B music and spiritual guidance, appealing to lovers of personal growth, great melodies and a keen interest in the complexities of our universe and beyond.

Listen to “My Eyes Are Open” on Spotify here.


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