Snapchat launches special lenses, geofilters and stickers to commemorate India’s 73rd Republic Day


Snapchat India has introduced new Lenses, Geofilters, Stickers, Bitmojis, Bitmoji Geofilters, and Hyperlocal Geofilters to mark the 73rd Republic Day celebration in India. You can find more details about the new lenses and filters below. Snap also says it will run an influencer campaign with creators across the country to encourage the community to experience “the shared essence of Republic Day.” Additionally, Snap will campaign with brands like Vivo, Oppo, and Samsung to promote these specific lenses on occasion on their devices. These lenses are now available on the app and can be accessed through the Explore tab.

According to the press release from Snap, Snapchat’s parent company, Republic Day-themed lenses, geofilters, stickers, Bitmojis, Bitmoji geofilters, and hyperlocal geofilters will allow users to celebrate National Day on the app. The company says the new lenses give users their very own tricolor cap and also wishes those who see it a “Happy Republic Day.” There’s a section in Snapchat’s Lens Explorer that features special community-made Republic Day lenses. The company claims to have introduced several innovations to complement Republic Day AR lenses to commemorate Republic Day.

Additionally, Snap claims that “India is the first and only market” where Snapchat has channel partnerships with all major Android original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). The company will launch an OEM campaign with brands like Vivo, Oppo and Samsung to promote specific lenses for each occasion on their devices. It also indicates that there will be an influencer campaign with Indian designers.

Recently, Snapchat announced that it is working on a set of new parental controls that will help limit how users can contact minors on the messaging service. Snap says it will limit its Quick Add feature to prevent foreign adults from finding minors on the app to add them as friends to protect users aged 13 to 17 on the app. Last month, Snap also unveiled the standalone Story Studio video editing app for iOS users. The app will allow creators using an iPhone to create vertical videos and share them across different platforms.


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