Snapchat introduces AR try-on lenses for Halloween costumes


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Diving Brief:

  • Along with a list of brands it partners with, Snap has partnered with Disguise to allow users to try on Halloween costumes from Disguise’s 2022 collection using the shopping tool. Snapchat AR, according to a press release on Tuesday.
  • Snapchat users can try on and buy costumes at “Harry Potter”, “The Office”, “Chucky”, Minecraft, Power Rangers, Transformers and more, according to the announcement.
  • Users can find the Halloween trial AR lenses by visiting Disguise’s Snapchat profile or by searching for specific brand names – such as “Harry Potter” – in Snapchat’s lens explorer.

Overview of the dive:

Snapchat touts the popularity of augmented reality, especially among younger consumers. In April, the company discovered in its survey of 16,000 people that 92% of Gen Z respondents said they want to use AR tools to shop online. The survey also found that Gen Z shoppers are more likely to buy something after testing it using AR first than Millennials and Gen X shoppers. In June, the platform published another survey indicating that 80% of survey respondents feel more confident when using augmented reality tools before making a purchase.

Snapchat said more than 250 million users have used its augmented reality shopping lenses more than 5 billion times since January last year. The social media platform touted its augmented reality capabilities as an opportunity for brands to create virtual shopping experiences.

“These Halloween AR try-on experiences represent what makes shopping on Snapchat so seamless and fun,” Ben Schwerin, senior vice president of content and partnerships at Snap, said in a statement. “We’re thrilled to partner with Disguise to bring these lenses to our community, as well as making choosing a Halloween costume that’s right for you, without ever having to set foot in a store, easier than ever on Snapchat.”

Snapchat focuses more on augmented reality in recent years. The company acquired sizing technology company Fit Analytics in March 2021. It has also partnered with brands like Gucci and american eagle to allow users to virtually try on products using their AR technology.

The social network continued to improve its AR features for brands to connect with shoppers. In January, the company unveiled a new shopping goal which allows consumers to view multiple products simultaneously and view product information including sizes, prices and colors.


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