Smart contact lenses bring you closer to the screen


Google Glass hasn’t taken off as expected, but – be honest – do you really want to walk around with this hardware on your head? The The BBC recently covered Mojoa company that develops smart contact lenses which not only corrects vision but can display a display. You can see a CNET video on the technology below.

The lenses have microLED displays, smart sensors, and solid-state batteries similar to those found in pacemakers. The company claims to have a “complete prototype” and will begin testing, according to the BBC article. We imagine you can’t put a lot of battery in a contact lens, but that’s probably one of the things that makes developing this kind of technology so difficult.

The article also mentions other smart contacts in development, including a University of Surrey lens that can monitor eye health using various sensors built into the lens. You must be wondering how it would be in real life. Presumably, the screen goes blank and you see nothing, but it’s quite annoying that your phone beeps constantly without receiving messages in your field of vision all the time.

It seems to be a technology that will come, of course. If not this time, then in the future. While we generally think the hacker community should lead the way, we’re not sure we want to hack anything that hits people’s eyeballs. However, not everyone can say that. For us, we’ll stick to helmets.


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