Replacement lenses meet our eyewear needs


Glasses have been around for much longer than many of us realize, with the first glasses being invented in the 13th century in Italy. These were raw blown glass lenses set in leather or wooden frames.

Since then, eyewear has obviously come a very long way. In fact, glasses are used for more than just magnification and vision correction. Eyewear is used in a wide variety of ways such as specialized lenses for laboratories or for medical purposes, as well as protective eyewear in athletics. However, more than half of all American adults still use glasses for the most common purposes.

This means that more than half of American adults also have to spend money on eyeglasses each year, especially since fashionable frames have become more popular and many of us like to have several options to choose from. styles every day.

Fortunately, with the evolution of eyewear, we now have the ability to replacement lenses. Replacement lenses can serve a multitude of purposes, whether it’s wanting to keep our current frames, wanting to change frames regularly, or being able to change the types of lenses we use depending on the occasion.

Replacement lenses make perfect sense for both budget and versatility.

The world of replacement lenses
Source: LensFactory

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