Puneri Paltan 34-35 Tamil Thalaivas Highlights, Pro Kabaddi 2022: Narender’s Super 10 helps Thalaivas to narrow win


Hello and welcome to Sportstar’s live coverage of the Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas match.

The scores will read Thalaivas versus Paltan.

Full time – The rise of the Thalaivas continues. The team is now six games unbeaten. And today they have overtaken the league leader to move up to third place in the standings. Narender was once again at his usual best with 13 points. Sagar provided tremendous support in defense and finished with a Super 5. For Puneri Paltan, Fazel had a rest day and could only manage one point. Aslam Inamdar and Mohit Goyat collected 15 and 7 points respectively. Still, the raider couldn’t bring the team home. Paltan remains first despite the defeat.



35-34: There is some confusion at the end here. There is only one point in the game as Thalaivas has the last raid of the match. Puneri Paltan and Fazel think this is a do or die raid. But he miscalculated. The raider safely squanders the eight seconds on the clock and Thalaivas wins the game.

35-34: Pawar is stomped in a raid and there is only one point left in the game now. He thought he had the bonus but the referees disagree.

35-33: Finally a point for Thalaivas as they bring down Goyat. Sahil Gulia gets the point. Paltan looks into the point as they believe one of the defenders is out of bounds. The review is unsuccessful as Goyat touched Pawar before the defender went out of bounds.

34-33: Another point for Paltan and the lead is down to one point now. Narender is knocked down by Sombir.

34-32: Inamdar recovers a bonus point with a short three-second raid. The Thalaivas defense has died out.

34-31: Another point for Paltan Akash Shinde successfully raids.

34-30: Thalaivas came out. Himanshu is shot down in a raid and Puneri Paltan finds new life.

33-27: Mohit Goyat raises another point. There were only two defenders but he sneaks into touch.

Last five minutes of the game at the end of the second timeout.

33-26: Inamdar picks a tag on Sagar. The threat of all outs hangs over the Thalaivas.

33-25: Abinesh knocks raider Thalaivas to the mat.

33-24: What a tackle from Sagar. He just clung to Goyat’s legs. Another great tackle.

31-24: Mohit recovers a point from a tag on Mohit from Tamil Thalaivas.

31-23: Inamdar is pinned down by the defense of the Thalaivas. Only three men for the Thalaivas, so two points for a super tackle.

29-23: Himanshu gets a bonus point during a raid.

28-23: A do-or-die raid for Paltan and Mohit Goyat enters. Pawar comes out with a tackle but fails to catch it, which gives Paltan a point.

28-22: Pawar delivers with two points. He lands a bonus then a tag on Fazel.

26-22: Two points for Paltan. First, Narender is sent to the bench. Next, Inamdar chooses a point of contact during a raid.

26-20: Inamdar chooses another point for Paltan.

26-19: Narender with another two-point raid to restore the lead to seven points.

24-19: Inamdar chooses a point with a label on Abishek.

24-18: Fazel with his first tackle point of the night and he puts Himanshu on the mat.

24-17: Inamdar gets a point with a tag on Sagar.

24-16: Narender with a massive raid. He picks up six points and inflicts an all out on Paltan. A do-or-die, what time to produce the points.

18-16: Paltan gets a bonus point by Pankaj Mohite’s raid.

18-15: Abishek comes sweeping in from the right side to parry the Paltan raider off the mat.

17-15: Ajinkya Pawar opens a two-point lead with a tackle on Aslam Inamdar.

Halftime – Blow for blow in the first half. Anything you can do, I can do better. Narender and Inamdar were the game’s best raiders and each had seven points. Sagar was solid with his tackles and he dispatched the Thalaivas with the slim lead at half time.

16-15: Sagar clings to Akash Shinde’s leg and that is enough to regroup him.

15-15: Mohit Goyat touches his namesake with his foot.

15-14: Sombir is sent to the bench as Narender reaches his half with an outstretched arm.

14-14: Inamdar once again equalizes the score. He sends a running kick to Sahil Gulia to score the point.

14-13: Naredner lands a bonus point.

13-13: Another do or die and Abishek makes a mistake. Inamdar comes back with a point for Paltan.

13-12: Narender is about to do or die and Fazel is sent out of bounds, fooled by Narender’s pace.

12-12: Puneri Paltan equalizes. First, Inamdar takes on Pawar, then follows up with a successful raid.

12-10: Sagar with a brutal tackle. He knocks Akash Shinde down with an ankle grab.

11-10: Goyat is this time knocked down by a tackle from Sahil Gulia.

10-10: Narender shot down by Paltan during a raid but he recovers a bonus point.

9-9: Aslam once again equalizes the score. he obtains a label as well as a bonus point.

9-7: Pawar follows up with a raid point and sends Fazel to the bench.

8-7: Ajinkya Pawar clings to raider Inamdar. Earn a point for Thalaivas.

7-7: The showdown continues between the two teams. Sanket knocks down Narender.

7-6: Goyat is overthrown by Abishek.

6-6: Paltan does the same and scores a point by preventing a do-or-die raid.

6-5: Thalaivas is about to stop Aslam Inamdar from converting a do-or-die raid.

5-5: Narender is attacked by Paltan’s defense and the scores are tied.

5-4: Goyat sends Abishek to the bench. Paltan back to within a point.

5-3: Pawar with his first raid of the night and gets a tag on Nabibakhsh.

4-3: Inamdar tags a Thalaivas player to get a point.

4-2: Two points for the Thalaivas as Narender gets a bonus first, followed by a hit on Abinesh.

2-2: Mohit Goyat gets a tag on Sagar to even the score.

2-1: Narender with his second point with a tag on Sombir.

1-1: Aslam Inamdar also starts with a bonus point on a raid for Thalaivas.

1-0: A quick first raid from Thalaivas as Narender gets a bonus point.

Players on the mat. The action gets under way.

Ajinkya Pawar’s Magic Raid on Saturday

Players to watch




Matches played: 6 | Penalties: 2 | Tamil: 2 | Tie: 2


Puneri Paltan: Nabibakhsh, Abinesh, Sanket, Aslam, Mohit, Sombir, Fazel

Tamil Thalaivas: Narender, Abishek, Mohit, Himanshu, Ajinkya, Sagar, Sahil

Tamil Thalaivas form

Drew 31-31 against Gujarat Giants

Lost 22-27 against Haryana Steelers

Lost 32-39 against U Mumba

Defeat Patna Pirates 33-32

Lost 28-45 to Bengaluru Bulls

Lost 24-41 to UP Yoddhas

Defeat the Pink Panthers of Jaipur 38-27

Defeat Dabang Delhi 49-39

Tied 41-41 with the Bengal Warriors

Beat Telugu Titans 39-31

Form Puneri Paltan

Draw 34-34 with Patna Pirates

Lost 39-41 to Bengaluru Bulls

Lost 37-47 to Gujarat Giants

Defeat U Mumba 30-28

Beat the Telugu Titans 26-25

Beat Bengal Warriors 27-25

Defeat the Pink Panthers of Jaipur 32-24

Draw 27-27 against Haryana Steelers

Defeat Dabang Delhi 43-38

Defeat U Mumba 40-31



Puneri Paltan currently look like the team to beat as they find themselves top of the table. They have six wins, two losses and two draws so far, and they will be eager to secure another win against Thalaivas to stay top of the points table. Their raid department looks solid with players like Mohit Goyat (73 Raid Points) and Aslam Inamdar (71 Raid Points) shining on the mat. Akash Shinde also did well contributing 47 Raid Points. On the defensive end, Fazel Atrachali was the team’s leading tackler with 29 tackle points. He was supported by Sombir (19 tackle points) and Gaurav Khatri (10 tackle points).


Tamil Thalaivas, meanwhile, will be confident in their own abilities as they are on a resurgence and are unbeaten in their last four games. They beat the Titans last night to move up to eighth in the standings with four wins, four losses and two draws. Narender has been the go-to raider for the Thalaivas with 102 Raid Points, but he could do with more help from Ajinkya Pawar (33 Raid Points) and Himanshu Singh (25 Raid Points). On the defensive front, Sagar was a wall for the Thalaivas with 27 tackle points, while Sahil Gulia and M. Abishek contributed 22 and 18 tackle points respectively.




Raiders: Aslam Mustafa Inamdar, Mohit Goyat, Aditya Tushar Shinde, Akash Santosh Shinde, Pankaj Mohite, Saurabh

Defenders: Fazel Atrachali, Sombir, Akash Chaudhary, Badal Taqdir Singh, Abinesh Nadarajan, Sanket Sawant, Alankar Kaluram Patil, Rakesh Bhalle Ram, D Mahindraprasad, Harsh Mahesh Lad, Gaurav Khatri

Versatile: Mohammad Esmaeil Nabibakhsh, Govind Gurjar, Balasaheb Shahaji Jadhav


Raiders: Pawan Kumar Sehrawat, Ajinkya Ashok Pawar, Sachin, Himanshu Narwal, Himanshu Singh, Narender.

Defenders: Sagar, Ankit, M Abhishek, Ashish, Md. Arif Rabbani, Himanshu, Mohit, Sahil Gulia, Arpit Saroha.

Versatile: Visvanath V, Thanushan Laxmamoha, K Abhimanyu.


The Puneri Paltan vs Tamil Thalaivas Pro Kabaddi Season 9 match will be streamed live on Star Sports Network and Disney+ Hotstar starting at 8:30 p.m. on Sunday, November 6.


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