Orbital Assembly Corporation plans 2025 as the official opening of its “Pioneer Station” space hotel


At a time when space travel is becoming more accessible with companies such as Blue Origin and Virgin Galactic, increased efforts in everyday cosmic tourism are growing. In stages, Orbital Assembly Corporation, an aerospace company seeking to bridge the contemporary hotel experience to the stars via not one but two luxury space resorts with the most incredible views on Earth.

The first space hotel of this type under the guise of Orbital Assembly Corporation will be called the “pioneer station“, a supposed floating complex of up to 28 guests located in a rotating ring that will attempt to use normal Earth gravity – or, at least, as close to it – inside its total of five modules, which will will constantly move in the middle of the station The company wants its pioneering station to be operational by 2025.

(Photo: Orbital Assembly Corporation)

The company’s second iteration, aptly titled “Voyager station“, will have a much larger capacity of around 400 guests. Voyager will also include a basketball and trampoline area, several restaurants and a multitude of varied rooms, pods and luxury suites. On the website of the aerospace company, space-bound potential attendees can get a taste of what’s in store thanks to the myriad rendered images showcasing the projected future of Orbital Assembly Corporation, which it says will be ready by 2027.

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The project has evolved quite a bit over time. It was first led by the company founded in 2012 gateway foundationwho planned to hatch the “first steps towards the colonization of space and other worlds”, he says in early 2021 Article from Space.com referring to the Gateway website. But since that time, a lot has changed. Gateway’s commercial space stations, Voyager and The Gateway, would be reclaimed through its own subdivision, the OAC founded in 2018, which cut ties with Gateway in 2021.

Gateway Station, which would be renamed Von Braun Station until it eventually took on the Pioneer moniker, now acts as the company’s testing ground for much greater ambition in the works. OAC’s goal is not simply to engineer a nascent hotel escape to the stars, but a thriving space “business park,” in which tourism and business can merge in zero-g.

A luxury cabin inside the Voyager station is expected to open in 2027

(Photo: Orbital Assembly Corporation)

Said Orbital Assembly Chief Operating Officer Tim Alatoree in an interview with CNN Travel, “The goal has always been to enable large numbers of people to live, work and thrive in space.” As for Pioneer Station, Alatoree welcomes the promise of its potential rapid build time, citing its much smaller capacity as an “opportunity for people to start experiencing space on a larger scale, faster.”

The premise, however, has always remained about maintaining the overview. Although traveling to space and even staying there seems literally and figuratively out of this world, it is the next big step in our already existing concepts of space tourism. For Alatorre, the intention of the Orbital Assembly is not just to fashion such a luxury pit stop in space for a weekend, but a chance to visit the future.

“It won’t be like going to a factory or a research center,” he explains. It should, in fact, be a “science fiction dream”.

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