New AR contact lenses are here with 30 times the pixel density of a new iPhone


A new step in Augmented Reality (AR) is here in the form of a contact lens, the Mojo Lens. The research took place at Mojo Vision in Saratoga, California.

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Mojo Vision was able to put a high-resolution display on a clear lens that communicates wirelessly with external devices and is fully powered without physical tethers of any kind, like reported by Venture Beat. It also has impressive display technology, with a 14,000 pixel-per-inch microLED display with a 1.8-micron pixel pitch.

With that, it has display hardware about 30 times the pixel density of a new iPhone. Additionally, it comes with an ARM processor with a 5 GHz radio transmitter with a gyroscope, accelerometer, and magnetometer that can help track eye movements. All of these things happen while the lenses are resting on the eyes. It comes with medical-grade micro-batteries that allow for all-day wear.

Years of development

The Mojo lens has been in development for over six years, according to Vaughan today. The challenge was to miniaturize all the on-board electronics, and this involves creating new components with an adapted user interface.

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The goal

Mojo Lens’ goal is to improve it through multiple phases of testing and clinical studies to gauge its capabilities and provide feedback on software and apps.

This type of lens can change the lives of many people with visual impairments. Moreover, they can also allow an athlete to stay focused on their activity while accessing different offers displayed in their line of sight.

The future of AR

AR is changing the way people interact with their environment through the use of sensors and display technologies. It allows an individual to interact with their surroundings while remaining aware of their surroundings. Moreover, it is a trend that will itself be implemented in many other products and services.

Along with the Mojo lens, it is the first commercially viable lens to be worn over the eyes. In the future, other companies will follow suit to develop similar technologies for consumer and consumer applications.

AR is a field of the future, but technology is only part of it. We need to change consumer perception. AR will be relevant in many industries, including medicine, education, construction and engineering, retail, and fashion. It will also be applied in the workplace. It is expected to be part of future smartphones, computers, laptops and other tech-related devices.

Companies need to develop a connection with their consumers, which can be done through different communication channels. Therefore, companies must also have a B2B strategy.

It won’t be long before AR becomes a standard in many industries and is used in various fields such as construction, engineering, retail, and medicine. All this, while bearing in mind that the technology is already there. All that remains is to perfect and integrate it.

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