Laowa Nanomorph, the world’s smallest 1.5x anamorphic lenses by Jose Antunes


Designed for Super35 and Micro Four Thirds sensors, the Laowa Nanomorph 1.5x Anamorphic Series is the latest anamorphic solution from Venus Optics.

The new family of Nanomorph 27mm T2.8, 35mm T2.4 and 50mm T2.4 lenses are currently being funded via Indiegogo. With funding at 1605% of its original goal, the Nanomorph series is well on its way to becoming a reality. Venus Optics claims that while anamorphic lenses are always huge and heavy, “the patented anamorphic optical structure makes the lens revolutionary small and compact.” This revolutionary “NANO-size” lens weighs less than 0.7 lbs (320g) and is only 3.54″ (9cm) long, making it very practical for every setup, e.g. handheld, on a gimbal, on a slider, through a tight space, even on a drone, etc. This makes a lot of shots that were once impossible possible.

The range includes 3 different focal lengths: 27mm T2.8, 35mm T2.4 and 50mm T2.4. It is a front-end anamorphic design with a constant 1.5x compression ratio at all focusing distances. Two flare options are available – amber and blue. The very short closest focus distance also helps make the bokeh stronger and creates stronger compression. It is available in different mounts: Canon EF, PL mount, Canon R, Sony E, M43, DJI DL, Nikon Z, L mount and Fuji X. The mounts are interchangeable, according to Venus Optics.

Features of the new Laowa Nanomorph:

  • Designed for Super35 and Micro Four Thirds cameras.
  • Extremely tiny (3.5″ long) and lightweight (
  • Three focal lengths: 27 mm T2.8, 35 mm T2.4 and 50 mm T2.4 (65 mm and 80 mm ETA end of 2022)
  • CONSTANT 5x compression ratio at ALL focus points (no anamorphic mumps)
  • Front anamorphic design
  • Two flare options are available – Amber and Blue
  • Super close focus distance (17″ from subject to sensor)
  • Available in 9 different mounts: Canon EF, PL mount, Canon R, Sony E, M43, DJI DL, Nikon Z, L mount and Fuji X
  • Brackets are user interchangeable

Laowa Nanomorph, the smallest 1.5x anamorphic lenses in the worldShortest close focus

Here is some additional information about the Laowa Nanomorph family, as shared by Venus Optics:

1.5x constant pressure and no anamorphic mumps

For some cheaper anamorphic lenses with synchronized focus design, anamorphic blocks are often added to the front. It is the easiest and cheapest way to design and manufacture an anamorphic lens. However, the major drawback is the inability to maintain the same compression ratio at close range, which causes anamorphic mumps. The lens is unusable for real shots because the variable squeeze is impossible to correct in post.

Laowa Nanomorph guarantees a constant 1.5x compression ratio at all focusing distances. Laowa decided to develop and invent this unique patented anamorphic design to ensure uniform compression ratio, promising optical quality, tiny size and affordable price.

Super 35+ coverage

Super35 design allows it to be perfectly used on all Super35 / APS-C / Micro Four Thirds cameras. The larger 35mm and 50mm image circles are able to cover 4k 16:9 UHD on Sony A7iii with only slight vignetting.

Golden compression ratio

The anamorphic lens provides a cinematic widescreen perspective. Venus Optics decided to go with a 1.5x compression ratio as they believe it strikes the perfect balance between lens size and anamorphic look.

With 1.5x compression, a 2.66:1 ratio on a 16:9 sensor can be achieved after decompression. Compared to a 1.33x anamorphic lens, the Laowa Nanomorph offers a much more pronounced anamorphic and cinematic look. For 1.8x/2x compression, the lens will inevitably be huge and more frames will be wasted when paired with a 16:9 sensor.

2 flared colors available

Anamorphic lenses with blue highlights are very common in the market and fit perfectly for movies with a sci-fi and cool vibe. However, blue flares don’t necessarily go well with skin tones. The new amber option we’ve introduced might provide a warmer, more passionate vibe that’s suitable for narrative and day/night shots.

Anamorphic lenses tend to have a longer closest focusing distance due to optical design restrictions. Nanomorph has one of the shortest close focusing distances on the market. Filmmakers could get very close shots that rendered a much shallower depth of field and stronger bokeh. This provides much higher flexibility in framing.

(Distance from subject to sensor)

  • Nanomorph 27mm T2.8 1.5x Cine – 43cm / 16.9″
  • Nanomorph 35mm T2.4 1.5x Cine – 60cm / 23.6″
  • Nanomorph 50mm T2.4 1.5x Cine – 70cm / 27.5″

Laowa currently offers 2 versions of Nanomorph: the mirrorless version and the PL & EF version. For the PL and EF versions, both bayonets are included in the box and the brackets are user interchangeable. For the mirrorless version, Canon RF, Sony E, M43, DJI DL, Nikon Z, L mount and Fuji X are available and they are also interchangeable. Each lens comes with ONE single mount bayonet. Users can add $50 for additional bayonet mounts to use on multiple cameras

Nanomorph Laowa Anamorphic 1.5x lenses are available to order at a discount on the Indiegogo platform. Normal retail price for a single lens is $999 (mirrorless mounts) and $1,499 (EF and PL mounts). A 3-lens set with hard case will retail for $2,699 (mirrorless frames) and $3,999 (EF and PL frames). The lenses should be shipped from August.


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