JD(S) reaches out to Congress, BJP aims for 3 seats in Rajya Sabha polls | bangalore


Leaders of the Janata Dal (secular) met opposition leader and Congress leader Siddaramaiah on Wednesday to solicit support for his only candidate in the June 10 elections in Rajya Sabha, adding to the political game of cat and mouse at the Karnataka.

TA Sharavana and BM Farooq of JD(S) met with Siddaramaiah, which turned out to be a “courtesy call” rather than one that would lead to the regional party gaining support from the party led by Sonia Gandhi.

JD(S) leader and former minister HD Revanna was due to meet Siddaramaiah on Wednesday, but later pulled out.

“We asked for support and anything can happen,” Farooq said, adding to speculation around the polls.

Of the four vacancies, the BJP can easily manage two, the Congress can win just one, and the JD(S) must rely on the support of both national parties to push its candidate, Kupendra Reddy, above the line.

While the JD(S) was previously convinced to garner support to get its candidate over the line, the BJP and Congress both fielded an additional candidate to corner the other.

The developments come on top of complex tripartite relations between Karnataka’s main outfits, which have added to the turbulent and unstable political climate in the southern state.

Those familiar with the developments said the Congress was divided on the line taken by Siddaramaiah and DK Shivakumar who continue to take independent action from each other in the battle for dominance within the party.

The BJP is trying to appease BS Yediyurappa who is said to be upset that his son, BY Vijayendra, was denied an MLC ticket by lining up his close confidant Lahar Singh.

True, the BJP fielded Kannada actor-turned-politician Jaggesh, finance minister Nirmala Sitharaman and a surprise third candidate, Singh.

The Congress, which can only win one seat on its own, fielded Jairam Ramesh and a surprise second candidate, Mansoor Ali Khan.

As Siddaramaiah spoke to the JD(S), Shivakumar called on the party led by former Prime Minister HD Deve Gowda to support Congress within the framework of “secular” ideology to keep the BJP out.

“I humbly call on JD(S) to support our candidate as we have previously supported Deve Gowda’s candidacy,” Shivakumar said.

Each candidate needs 45 votes to win, which would leave the third BJP candidate short of 13 votes to cross the line. But the second preferential votes and additional uncast votes would give the BJP a possible advantage, according to the party.

“If all parties vote for their respective candidates, we will win the third seat. We have second preferential votes and 32 additional votes as well,” Ravi Kumar, BJP and MLC State General Secretary, told HT S.

The BJP has 120 members in the lower house of the legislature, the Congress has 69 while 32 are with the JD(S). The lone Bahujan Samaj Party (BSP) vote and one of the two independents will likely go the way of the BJP. The other independent, Sharath Bachegowda, is likely to vote for Congress.

The JD(S) is the only major organization in Karnataka to have an alliance with the two national parties to form governments, which has often proved to be a more complex affair, forcing the party to try to win polls by its own forces, which mainly comes from the Old Mysuru region or from the heart of Vokkaliga.

“Even after the victory of our two candidates, there will be 32 additional votes that we will have. Congress alone will have about 19 to 20 votes. JD(S) will get 32 ​​votes. In politics, sometimes it may not happen in the expected way as we have seen real party-backed candidates lose and independents win,” said BJP National General Secretary CT Ravi.

“We are confident that our three candidates will win. I cannot tell you these political strategies. After the results, we will get to know each other,” he said.

Ravi was referring to cross-voting in Rajya Sabha polls in which leaders, would-be defectors and others voted for opposing candidates. “When JD(S) contacts us, we will see. They haven’t done it so far. But for them, we are under Community law. We are not secular in their opinion,” JD(S)’s Ravi mocked.


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