Horizon Forbidden West: All Signal Lens Locations


There are six Signal Lenses that can be collected and turned in for rewards in Horizon Forbidden West, and some are associated with side quests.

There are six signal lenses on top of the signal towers in Forbidden Horizon West, and they are all located in The Daunt region. Signal Lenses can be turned in to Raynah for various resources. Aloy is initially asked to retrieve the Signal Lenses as part of the “Signals from the Sun“Race Quest. After starting the quest, Signal Tower locations will be marked on the map.

Signal Lenses can be collected before starting the Race Quest in Forbidden Horizon West, but starting the quest will make it easier to find the signal towers around The Daunt. The “Signals from the Sun“The run quest can be obtained by talking to the man dragging a body, Maleev, who is north of Barren Light. A new marker will appear on top of the cliff after talking to Maleev.


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After climbing to the top of the cliff, there will be a few machines to defeat before Aloy can talk to Raynah. Raynah explains that the signal towers are being demolished, but the special lenses they use are invaluable to some people. If Aloy returns all six Signal Lenses to Raynah, she promises it will be worth it. After the initial conversation, Raynah can be found in Barren Light where Aloy can bring her the Signal Lenses.

Collect Signal Lenses and Receive Rewards in Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West All Raynah Signal Lens Locations

Talking to Raynah will mark the six signal towers on the map, so they should be easy to locate in Forbidden Horizon West. Aloy will need to reach the top of the six Signal Towers in order to collect the Signal Lenses. The climbing challenges are quite simple and straightforward, so players should have no problems getting to the top. The six signal towers can be found in The Daunt region in Forbidden Horizon West.

Signal lens locations

  • Dawn lens: The Lens of Dawn Signal Tower is the northernmost tower in The Daunt and can be found near the northeast corner of the map.
  • morning lentil: The Signal Tower with the Morning Lens is northeast of Chainscrape.
  • midday lentil: Midday Lens is south of Morning Lens and directly east of Chainscrape.
  • afternoon lens: Afternoon lens can only be obtained by completing the side quest “The Twilight Path“, and it is located southwest of Chainscrape.
  • Twilight Lens: East of Barren Light, players can find the Signal Tower with the Twilight Lens.
  • Evening lens: The Signal Tower containing the Evening Lens is located north of Barren Light near where Aloy first speaks to Raynah.

Once all six Signal Lenses have been collected, players can return to Raynah in Barren Light. Raynah will give Forbidden Horizon West‘s Aloy a total of 90 metal shards, two Greenshine Silver and one bronze ingot. Completing at least one signal tower is also part of the Collected 5 different collectibles trophy. Signal Lenses are one of the many collectibles players can find in Forbidden Horizon West.

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Forbidden Horizon West is available for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5.

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