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A young bear cub crosses the road at the Six River Lightning Complex. Photo/caption: CIIMT14, via Inciweb.

Six Rivers Lightning Complex Unified Command press release:

The Six Rivers Lightning Complex remains under unified command with California Interagency Incident Management Team 14, California Highway Patrol, Trinity County Sheriff, and Humboldt County Sheriff. The Six Rivers Lightning Complex currently spans 28,107 acres with 80% containment and 1,845 people assigned to the incident.


On Wednesday, the tail of a passing marine layer kept fire activity low for most of the day. After the weather trend passed, fire activity increased in the afternoon. A positive aspect of the change in weather was clear skies that allowed aircraft to fly and support firefighters on the ground.

On the Ammon Fire, the commitment to making sure the lines hold is clear. For several days, the footprint has remained the same due to the constant monitoring and improvement of the containment lines. At Late Campbell, the number one priority was to prepare the primary line of control along Lone Pine Ridge and the backup line along Tish Tang Ridge. Containment lines around the perimeter are also monitored and reinforced.

After days of preparation and line building, defensive fire operations began on Wednesday evening. Firing began around 8:00 p.m. in areas of Lone Pine Ridge determined to have the most favorable terrain to conduct operations safely. These strategic firing operations will allow the firefighters to reinforce the lines of control in front of the advance of the fire front. As the size and complexity of operational tasks increased, additional resources arrived to help. To deal with the influx of resources, a second fire camp opened at Burnt Ranch Campground.

The updated forecast shows temperatures for the week peaking today with lower humidity. Moderate to high fire activity is expected and firefighting resources are positioned accordingly. Defensive fire operations are expected to be used today to stay ahead of the advancing fire front in the northeast areas of the Campbell Fire.

Please check this link for air quality resources.


Due to the heavy presence of firefighters and machinery working to construct containment lines for the Ammon Fire, residents are asked to limit travel on Titlow Hill Road/Route 1 in areas HUM-E052 and HUM -E062 to essential traffic only. The following roads leading to evacuation areas have been closed. Residents can still use these routes to exit evacuation order zones:

  • Logging road 7n15 at Six Rivers forest edge

  • Horse Linto Creek Road to Saddle Lane (Open to residents only)

  • 6N06 Sandbar (Route 6)

  • Titlow Hill Road (Route 1) at Horse Mountain Botanical Area

State Route 299 remains open to through traffic. Residents are encouraged to visit The Caltrans Quick Cardto check for national highway closures.


For the latest evacuation information, go to Humboldt County Office of Emergency Services Where Trinity County Office of Emergency Services. For an interactive map of evacuation zones, visit:
Aware of ZonehavenTo subscribe to alerts at this link..

EVACUATION ORDERremain in effect for zones: HUM-E058 and HUM-E061-A.

EVACUATION WARNINGS remains in effect for zones: HUM-E032, HUM-E056, HUM-E057, HUM-E061- HUM-E062, HUM-E063, HUM-

EVACUATION WARNING remains in effect for Campbell Ridge Road from Salyer Heights to Seeley McIntosh Road. The Salyer area, including Galaxy Road, and the Ziegler Point Road/Forest Service Road 7N04 area have been reduced to an evacuation warning.


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