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A special bingo night raised over £1,000 for the Spalding Flower Parade last week and was held in memory of Councilor Angela Newton.

The event was originally organized by the late councilwoman, but the Flower Parade committee members decided to continue the event and keep it in her memory.

A moment of silence was observed to start the evening at the event hosted by the Spalding Services Club last Thursday.

For the night itself, Councilor Andrew Woolf took on the role of bingo announcer.

In addition to the main game, many raffle prizes were offered.

Jan Whitbourn, who took over the organization of the event, said: “It was an evening of mixed emotions which included the ‘feel good factor’ and then feeling the sad thoughtful mood when we we are silent to remember Count Newton.

“Well done to everyone who participated in the event.”

Another bingo night will be held on Thursday, October 20 at the Services Club.

Talking tulip – with Jan Whitbourn.

Such a great evening full of fun and laughter was had with everyone who attended our bingo night on Thursday 22nd September, in aid of the Spalding Flower Parade.
Personally, I felt so proud that we decided to continue this evening which was initially organized by Councilor Angela Newton.
I wanted to organize this event in memory of Angela, she was very passionate about all her work and certainly wanted the flower parade to be a success.
It was right and fitting that we went on and did this in her honor, with the evening beginning with a moment of silence in remembrance of Angela.
Councilor Gary Taylor came by and as always supported me by bringing his whole family who are great fun and luckily dad won a ‘prize’ what a relief especially as he was dragged for to play !
Gary said: “Bingo was a really amazing community gathering that was held so successfully.
“So much money was raised by those who attended and donated raffle prizes and participated in bingo to raise funds for our parade.
“I was so happy to have asked Councilor Andrew Woolf to be our bingo leader. He certainly made us all laugh and did a great job.
Andrew said: “It was great to see people coming out to support the fundraising for this event. It was full of fun and laughter.
“I was thrilled that Jan stepped up for all of us and continued this event for Angela.
“It was quite normal that a minute of silence be reserved for him before the start of the bingo.”
Steve and Sandra Timewell came to pick up the money at the door for the bingo books.
He was thrilled to see so many people walk through the door, all wanting to be part of the event to raise money and be part of the Spalding Flower Parade.
Steve spoke to everyone at half time telling them all about the event and what is needed and the success so far.
Steve said: “I can’t stress how grateful I am that people came out to support our cause. I’m honored that people trust me.
Thank you to everyone who brought raffle prizes. There were so many that I’m sure most went home with a prize.
Two ladies brought two great prizes to auction and we raised nearly £100 alone with these which is incredible. Thanks!
I would like to sincerely thank Sam and his team at Club Services for their help and generosity during this event. I appreciate your time and the team was great.
My sincere thanks must go to Bakkavor who were so helpful in making this event the success it was.
Thanks to Russell Kirk who did a great job encouraging everyone to buy the tickets and more at halftime!
Our next bingo night, in aid of the Spalding Flower Parade, which Angela initiated, will be Thursday October 20th.
I’m looking for prizes, as always, if you have boxes of chocolates you don’t need or shouldn’t eat!
Contact jan@tulip-events.co.uk or call 07779 895388.


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