Dope Security Raises $4M, Eyes Irish Expansion


In a bid to disrupt the secure web gateway market, Dope Security plans to “substantially” increase its presence in Ireland.

Dope Security has come out of stealth mode and revealed that it has raised $4 million in funding to expand its secure web gateway business internationally.

A Secure Web Gateway or SWG is a cloud-based network security service that sits between users and the Internet, and filters web requests according to company policy to prevent access to malicious applications and websites.

As more companies transition to remote working, network security has become a priority for cybersecurity teams.

While cloud-based proxies can secure a distributed workforce, Dope said layover data centers for every connection can lead to outages, off-device decryption, significantly slower page loads, and reduced productivity.

Based in San Francisco with operations in Ireland, Dope aims to disrupt the SWG market by providing security directly at the endpoint instead of the layover data center architecture required by traditional vendors.

The cybersecurity startup says this “fly-direct architecture” improves client performance and ensures privacy and reliability against web threats.

“Why would you stop over when you could fly direct? said Dope CEO Kunal Agarwal, who founded the company last year.

“My stint in traditional cybersecurity companies highlighted the need to create a first-class customer experience in addition to a new architecture that eliminates reliability, performance, and privacy concerns. With Dope Security, the Internet will no longer be never again an air stopover.

“Ireland is at the heart of Dope Security”

Dope Security said it currently employs more than 10 staff in Cork – a figure which “is expected to rise significantly”.

“Ireland is at the heart of Dope Security,” said Aidan Power, Head of Product Management, based in Ireland. “Cork is our headquarters, where we will deploy further recruitment to boost our global operations.”

The funding round was led by US venture capital firm Boldstart Ventures, which previously invested in blockchain infrastructure platform Blockdaemon.

Following the investment, Boldstart general partner Ed Sim and former Bluecoat and Symantec senior vice president Steven Schoenfeld will join Dope’s board of directors.

Sim said Dope’s “fly-direct” approach is “exactly what the SWG market needs” right now.

“Legacy solutions are too complex and slow down any business that uses the Internet. By eliminating the layover with a product-driven growth movement, Dope Security is truly a game-changer. We are excited to invest and make the internet fast again.

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