Disneyland plans more complex ticketing to level visitor numbers


Cheaper tickets on weekdays are among measures Tokyo Disney Resort is considering to reduce visitor numbers during holidays and weekends and make the theme park experience more enjoyable.

Operator Oriental Land Co. said it plans to further widen the price range of its variable admission system by lowering admission fees during off-peak periods and raising prices on weekends and weekends. busy periods such as summer holidays.

The company said the priority was to reduce congestion not only by offering a more variable price framework, but also by limiting the number of daily visitors to keep them below pre-pandemic levels.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea introduced a non-fixed admission system in March 2021, which was expanded the following October. An adult day pass now costs between 7,900 yen ($56) and 9,400 yen, including tax.

The fees are set at four levels, at 500 yen intervals. Admission increases during peak periods but decreases off-season. The idea is to stabilize attendance.

Kenji Yoshida, chairman of Oriental Land, said further revisions to the variable price mechanism were on the agenda.

However, he acknowledged that “it will take time to assess whether even more complex pricing models need to be put in place”.

Yoshida said simply raising the price of admission during peak periods and lowering it during off-peak hours will not be enough to reduce congestion during peak periods.

“Our own efforts will only have a limited effect in bringing visitors to come on weekdays,” he said. “Adjustable prices alone will not lead to visitor equalization in our view.”

Tokyo Disney Resort has converted all ticket types to date-specific tickets in response to the pandemic. Yoshida has no doubt that entry restrictions during the COVID-19 crisis have helped create an improved experience for visitors.

“On the one hand, the wait for rides has become shorter, which is ideal for attractions that people particularly enjoy,” Yoshida said, noting that visitors can now take their time shopping at the attractions. shopping or dining in restaurants.

“I saw with my own eyes how things have changed,” he said.

Regarding the cap on the number of daily visitors, Yoshida pointed out that “lowering this number is important for our long-term growth”.

Daily visitor numbers at Tokyo Disney Resort are currently limited to around 50% of pre-pandemic times. The limit will be gradually relaxed, but to what extent remains to be determined.

Oriental Land expects 26 million people to visit Tokyo Disney Resort in fiscal 2024, 80 percent of the figure in fiscal 2018, when a record 32.56 million visitors visited.

“We will decide how to set the daily visitor cap after considering changes in the values ​​of the experiences we provide and how satisfied customers are with them,” Yoshida said.

Despite the popularity of Tokyo Disney Resort annual passports, sales have been suspended due to the pandemic.

Even if sales pick up, annual passport holders may not be able to enter the Tokyo Disney Resort during peak periods, though Yoshida declined to be clear on that.

“At this time, we have no intention of abandoning them (annual passports) for good or denying the possibility of the program being reintroduced,” he said.

A new ticket type that went on sale in limited quantities in March allows a total of six visits to Tokyo Disney Resort, but only on weekdays.

“There is a more than zero possibility that tickets valid only on weekdays will now be available,” Yoshida said, indicating that new passports covering exclusively working days could be made available at some point.

(This article was written by Yoko Masuda and Kazumi Tako.)


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