Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – Lucien’s Nine Eyes is a masterclass in telling the villain’s story the right way [REVIEW]


Critical roles the next novel with Penguin Random House is out. And this one is fascinating. The book, Critical Role: The Mighty Nein – The Nine Eyes of Luciendive into the Big Bad world of Campaign 2.

Now, I want to preface this review by first saying that this isn’t the end of the final campaign told primarily from Lucien’s point of view. We can see everything before, during and after what happened in Campaign 2.

Another thing that I found interesting is throughout the book there were sections that had additional story bits alongside what was already written in that specific chapter. And there are many placed throughout the book. What it does is basically add an extra layer of storytelling into the book, which I love about this new book.

Another really cool thing is that we’re getting to know some characters that Lucien has known for years, as well as some that we met towards the end of the last campaign. Seeing how everyone interacts with him throughout the book is awesome and exciting.

As far as actual history goes, seeing places like Shadycreek Run and Aeor come to life is very fantastic. And having a little more information about places is always fun and interesting.

Another point to mention is that this book is perfect for anyone who has seen the 2nd campaign, or anyone who wants to get a taste of Lucien’s character.

In all, Lucien’s nine eyes shows the inner workings of Lucien. But it also shows just how complex the villain is. And how a villain’s story doesn’t always have to be black and white. It can be complex and interesting, and still very grounded in the storytelling.

You can pick up your copy from Lucien’s nine eyes of Random penguin house now.

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