Create a community in the world of cryptocurrency, with big eyes, Ethereum and Dogecoin


Create a community in the world of cryptocurrency, with big eyes, Ethereum and Dogecoin

by market trends October 1, 2022

The world of crypto can be very complex and scary when you don’t understand the fine print. One of the important elements of the crypto world that positively impacts and invites more people is the sense of community created.

Decentralized finance is the future. Many cryptocurrencies are inventing inclusive online spaces for people, and community-led challenges pave the way for the essential needs and wants of everyone in their crypto community. But what exactly do community-driven organizations add to the world of crypto? Let’s find out with Big Eyes, Ethereum and Dogecoin.

The beginning of Big Eyes and its community building platform

Big eyes is a meme token that is set to shake up the crypto world. Coming soon to any crypto exchange near you, the new coin is entering new levels. They push the decentralized finance pros and rely on the strong sense of community and inevitably drive forward the exciting new spaces that crypto has to offer. Big Eyes uses cat-related traits and characteristics in its features to give the token more freedom and fun!

Part of the crypto world meme family, it stands out with its feline-themed features! It’s a group of people with a common interest in the world of cryptocurrency, and cats! Big Eyes offers a unique avenue investors can take to share their thoughts and connect with others who share the same interest and desire to save and protect our oceans.

They also have plans to implement its NFT system, allowing users to expand their trading and selling freedoms. They aim to build a huge influencer campaign, as well as scale NFTs and donate 5% of all tokens to charity. Big Eyes can achieve big goals for its future and is a crypto community to watch.

Ethereum and their crypto-dominance

Ethereum is one of the most iconic platforms in the cryptocurrency world. They have built a thriving online economy through their community and are ranked second in cryptocurrency prices, they are achieving great things and not stopping.

They don’t just use their platform for digital money. Ethereum can be used for any online asset you want to trade, sell, and use in NFTs. The platform allows the possibilities of what to do with your money to continually grow and great opportunities to earn online.

The power of an established platform like Ethereum is that it gives the community endless options and chances to expand their monetary advances. It also grants them a safe and secure space, and with access to an internet connection, each member can borrow, send, receive, earn interest and much more globally. It gives users an extra sense of community as it allows the community to grow, connect and create internationally with a secure and highly popular platform.

Don’t Dodge Dogecoin

Dogecoin is a cryptocurrency movement, much like Big Eyes with its meme token element. It is an open source cryptocurrency and a highly secure decentralized system to keep their users safe. Choosing and setting up your wallet is the start for users to get their hands on Dogecoin, and from there the platforms open up plenty of opportunities to make full use of blockchain technology.

One of the main things that the currency prides itself on is the dynamic between the community and how it is full of friendly and energetic users. The community is a group of people who care and support each other, teaching others about the world of crypto, creating memes and having fun.

They are constantly growing in the most organic and dynamic way and aim to be a highly used and trusted cryptocurrency for everyone.

Let’s sum it up…

All three cryptocurrencies aim to create a safe and secure environment for all of their online users. The trust and eventual enjoyment of the platforms creates a strong and loyal community that is eager to grow as the platform progresses.

Big eyes

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