Could smart contact lenses soon provide your cycling data?


You’ve probably all seen smart glasses before… but what if the technology was actually built into a pair of contact lenses? Mojo Vision believes it has developed invisible, wearable smart contact lenses that have a built-in screen to provide information without obstructing your view. The lens uses what is described as “the world’s densest dynamic microLED display” capable of overlaying digital images, symbols and text onto the user’s natural field of vision.

The screen providing the information is supposed to be tiny at the size of a grain of sand, with a display of 300 x 300 pixels. Mojo Vision also recently partnered with TrailForks to ensure it provides useful data for gravel and road cyclists, reports Cycling Industry News.

With its invisible, wearable screen, Mojo Lens aims to help you stay focused by providing heads-up, hands-free information, and the brand claims it’s able to achieve this “without obstructing their view, restricting their mobility or impeding social interaction”. .

“Many augmented reality (AR) solutions attempt to create immersive experiences that can clutter reality – Mojo Lens is different,” the brand points out on its site.

“It discreetly provides you with crucial data while you’re engaged in events that demand your attention.”

Wearable smart technology for visualizing cycling performance data is nothing new. Head-up display smart sunglasses seem to pop up every few years, but have never really caught on.

The idea behind this style of smart sunglasses is that you can see real-time riding performance data right in front of your eyes, so there’s no need to look at your handlebars. This different take on the humble cycle computer works, but there have been notable recurring issues so far: namely volume, battery life and price.

These smart contact lenses certainly seem like a useful solution, as they would solve the “loose” aspect.

Mojo Vision identified the opportunity in the wearable device market to provide real-time performance data and stats to data-conscious fitness enthusiasts, including cyclists, and announced partnerships with a range of brands this year. to better understand how to bring performance data to meet the needs of this new audience.

The brand’s early partnerships include: Trailforks (cycling, hiking/outdoors), Adidas Running (running/training), Wearable X (yoga), Slopes (snow sports) and 18Birdies (golf).

With the Trailforks partnership, David Hobbs, Senior Director of Product Management at Mojo Vision, said Cycling Industry News“One of the really interesting things we’ve learned, especially with mountain biking, is that there’s a real desire to have simple directions. The trails, although well maintained, may not be well marked. So we hear people say, “I thought I was on a trail, so I had come down the mountain, only to have to go back up it to get back on the right trail.”

It might also help when navigating trails on a gravel bike…

For the road, David acknowledges the importance of power to pace and, again, says it helps to have turn-by-turn directions wherever you look.

“We believe this makes it safer for cyclists in cities and built environments, allowing you to keep an eye on traffic.”

Would these smart contact lenses convince you to leave your trusty bike computer behind?


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