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Saweetie manifests a collaboration with Rihanna.

While promoting her new single “Closer” on Power 106, the Icy Queen was asked to share her dream collaboration, and she didn’t hesitate to name Rihanna.

“Sure. Top of my wish list,” she said of the pop icon.

However, a collaboration might not happen anytime soon since the mom-to-be has other priorities these days. “Honestly, well, she’s pregnant right now,” Saweetie said.

Saweetie, who starred in a 2018 Super Bowl ad for Rihanna’s Fenty Beauty, previously shared her admiration for Rih. “When I think of trailblazers and black girls, I think of Rihanna,” she said Complex. “I think she’s a great role model and she just shows us what’s possible and what we’re capable of.”

As she manifests a collab with Rihanna, Saweetie recently teamed up with HER on “Closer” from her upcoming debut album. pretty female dog music.

“Honestly, I was nervous sending it to him,” she said of her work with the Oscar-winning singer. “I feel like this song, this sound is a different sound for both of us. So the fact that we’ve both worked magic on a new sound that’s going to evolve us as artists, it was something special for me.

She plans to share a “more intimate and vulnerable side of Saweetie” on the album, which is still awaiting a release date.


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