Clark County Court’s eyes change after report calls system ‘fragmented’


The family law cases will be presided over by Justices Gregory Gonzales, Camara Banfield and Tsering Cornell. Civil cases will be heard before Judges Derek Vanderwood, Nancy Retsinas and Emily Sheldrick. The criminal cases will be heard before Justices David Gregerson, John Fairgrieve, Jennifer Snider, Suzan Clark and Robert Lewis.

How’s the court?

It had been some time since the Superior Court had reflected on its operations, at least before Vanderwood began his seven-year term on the bench, he said.

Vanderwood said it was time to get an outside perspective on the flaws in the system to create a fairer and more efficient court. Still, Vanderwood, prosecutor Tony Golik and Lindsey Hueer, who oversees the indigent defense office, agreed the court was not doing a bad job as it was.

While the report focused on increasing court efficiency, Golik noted that Clark County outperformed the other nine largest counties in the state last year in most benchmarks. . Clark County is the fifth largest county in the state, according to US Census data.

The Washington Courts Administrative Office recommends that courts resolve 90% of cases within four months, 98% within six months, and 100% of cases within nine months. No state court reaches that benchmark, although of Washington’s 10 largest counties, Clark County came closest last year.


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