CES 2022: Smart contact lenses are coming


At CES 2022 in Las Vegas this week, InWith Corporation showcased an electronic soft contact lens platform designed for the masses to wear comfortably. Unsurprisingly, it was touted as a tool for the Metaverse, promising an easy transition from the real world to the Metaverse, at will.

InWith is aiming for breakthrough FDA clearance this year and bringing the futuristic contact lenses to market shortly thereafter.

“The first applications of the technology will be ‘adjustable vision’ via a mobile device and ‘augmented vision’ associated with controlling a mobile device,” the company explains. “These markets have been called multi-billion dollar markets on their own, but the ultimate application can be fully immersive Metaverse visualization, giving users a super-lightweight, virtually invisible way to go back and forth from real-world visualization. to the Metaverse.”

The product announcement is not lacking in innovation, claiming several hundred patents, but also hype.

“Metaverse’s upcoming market has been estimated at $1 trillion by industry experts,” InWith says.

The technology on display at CES 2022 is a configuration that allows developers to place augmented vision display chip applications in all soft hydrogel contact lenses of the type that millions of people wear daily. InWith claims to be the only company to have publicly displayed this ability to integrate component circuitry into modern soft contact lens materials. He is currently working with Fortune 50 companies to bring the first viable iterations of this technology to market.

Today’s announcements follow the company’s 2020 display on Expandable Electronic Circuits in Branded Contact Lenses.

InWith pioneered key techniques for integrating solid components and circuitry into hydrogel materials by allowing the materials to expand and contract in the normal manufacturing process. This allows multiple developers to create ophthalmic enhancement displays and applications for contact lenses and intraocular lenses.

“From the latest AR/XR Metaverse visual apps to better sight for people with myopia or presbyopia, InWith technology enables an electronic revolution for the future of sight and ophthalmic capabilities, connected and adjustable with mobile devices” , the company told CES.


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