Canon growth strategy – 32 new RF lenses by 2025


According to Canon’s corporate strategy conference published a few days ago, the company plans to launch no less than 32 new RF lenses over the next four years, which equates to eight lenses per year. However, the company has yet to release a roadmap for the goals.

Canon recently discontinued most of its EF Prime lenses as part of its full transition strategy to the all-new RF lens mount. Additionally, Canon continues to unveil new RF lenses at a convenient time, including the latest RF800mm f/5.6 L IS USM and RF1200mm f/8 L IS USM super telephoto lenses.

Even as semiconductor shortages increase production delays, the company has big plans ahead of it. Canon publishes its financial results and presentations quarterly for investors. The first report of 2022 indicates that Canon plans to launch 32 new RF lenses over the next four years.

Photo credit: Canon

32 new Canon RF lenses arrive

Since the launch of the Canon EOS R in October 2018, there are currently around 26 native RF lenses to choose from. Some of them are amazing pieces of glass, like the RF 50mm F/1.2L USM, RF 85mm F/1.2L USM or RF 28-70mm F/2L USM, but they are quite expensive, it’s the least we can say. Also, some high-end RF L lenses are still missing, especially on the wide angle, including a 24mm, 35mm, and 14mm.

Most professional content creators who have invested heavily in Canon EF lenses – myself included – still use them with the various Canon EF to RF lens mount adapters available.

In this latest Canon Q1 2022 report, the company confirms its strong commitment to the RF mount. Indeed, they plan to release 32 new glasses in four years, or eight new glasses per year. As a result, the total number of RF targets available at the end of their plan should be 58 (32+26).

However, this is still lower than the Canon EF +70 lenses available. But Canon started releasing EF lenses in 1987, which is 30 years of development. So if Canon can have close to 60 RF lenses by 2025, that would be impressive.

Canon EOS R5 C. Image credit: CineD

What lenses to expect?

There is no official roadmap for the goals at this time. So, what glasses should we expect? No doubt the company will release Canon RF Cine lenses at some point. Plus, we should probably see more Canon RF L glass so pro filmmakers and content creators can fully upgrade to the new frame.

I’m still surprised that some major third-party lens manufacturers like Tamron and Sigma, for example, haven’t released RF lenses yet. I’d love to see new Sigma ART lenses with a native Canon RF mount, but we’ll probably have to wait a bit longer for that to happen.

What do you think of Canon’s plans for the future? What type of RF lens would you like to see? Do you plan to switch to Canon RF lenses soon? Please let us know in the comments below!


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