California ophthalmologist removes 23 contact lenses from woman’s eye


A Newport Beach ophthalmologist recently removed a total of 23 contact lenses from the eye of a woman in her 70s.

The woman said she felt something in her eyes she couldn’t get out, had blurred vision and pain, Dr Katerina Kurteeva said. Initiated.

The doctor did a routine exam, but couldn’t figure out what was wrong until she used an instrument to hold both eyelids open and could use her hands to “find out what that was happening”.

That’s when she saw the contact lenses stuck together.

She started taking them off and asked her assistant to save it.

“Asking the patient to look down, I could see a huge blob of dark purple contact lenses stuck to her eye. It almost felt like a second student,” Kurteeva told Insider. “I gently started using a cotton swab to peel the lenses off one by one, like you were dealing a deck of cards. They came out in a chain, falling on its lid. There were a lot of contact lenses – I thought that this could be my Guinness Book of World Record moment.

She added that she had never seen anything like it in 20 years of practice.

The patient didn’t believe it either. After the removal was completed, Kurteeva rinsed the eye and sent the patient home with anti-inflammatory drops.

“She said she felt a lot better already,” Kurteeva proclaimed.

She examined the various contact lenses and determined that they were the type that should not be worn for more than 24 hours.

Kurteeva explained that the patient could have lost her sight, scratched her cornea or contracted an infection. She was very lucky.

Despite this, the patient resumed wearing contact lenses. But she is fine, feels more comfortable and can see clearly, Kurteeva said.

She added that although she does not know for sure how the patient forgot to remove the contact lenses, it could be because she had been in the habit of wearing contact lenses for over 30 years and that may cause desensitization.

Kurteeva said she shared the now-viral video to remind people of the importance of removing contact lenses every night.

“It was a happy ending, but it could have turned sour very quickly,” she told Insider.


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