C27 recruits 3 seniors and plans 10 new positions


C27 has recruited three new seniors, including Farez Khan, a former marketing and public relations specialist at Fred Perry Malaysia. Khan joins the team as Group Account Manager. He also appointed Janice Wee, former group account director at Leo Burnett, to the position of project director and Loh Sue Lynn, former associate creative director of FOREFRONT International, to the same position at C27.

When asked how these hires would add value to the company, CEO Fazil Fuad said A+M that the whole company was built by young people. “I started this business when I was 20, we were the first in Asia-Pacific to win the Netflix account. We have done well as innovators and industry provocateurs, but much to be desired when it comes to the fundamentals of our business,” Fazil mentioned. He added that bolstering the team with stellar experienced individuals will propel C27 into a world-class collective.

At the same time, C27 is also recruiting 10 new positions in content, strategy and UX design. Fazil explained that in the age of the Internet, everything can be learned over time. Therefore, the main trait C27 seeks is “an unquenchable sense of curiosity”. He is also looking for people who understand the science behind creative effectiveness and know how to balance intuition and analysis.

Fazil touts the team for being digital natives at heart, adding that he is extremely comfortable telling clients that the agency is “a pure digital gamer”. C27 has three main teams – content, experience and strategy – and Fazil stressed that it is not a 360 one-stop-shop.

“We rely heavily on analytics, from marketing performance to project management, to maximize productivity and impact on our work,” he said. Clients he has signed up over the past year include Sony Pictures, Maybank, Malaysian Book of Records, Clarins, Decathlon and Pilih Peluang.

C27 was also recently appointed to manage digital and creative for McDelivery, as well as global social media campaigns for McDonald’s Malaysia. The appointment is for one year with possibility of extension for another. No pitch was called.

“We plan to reimagine the kind of impact that creatives can bring to this economy. Is marketing/advertising the end? Fazil said. According to him, C27 recently incubated a startup called MoneyMatch which recently obtained a digital banking license. “I’m pretty sure no one expected a company full of artists, dreamers and creators to be part of a big disruption like this. We’re living in a time of creative renaissance; we created a bank,” he said.

In addition to this, other C27 efforts this year include refocusing on business fundamentals, staff happiness, creative operations, workflow automation, optimization towards a hybrid workplace . “We have done a lot of R&D in integrating cloud technologies to facilitate reporting and impact measurement, significantly reducing our reliance on manpower. For example, no reporting monthly but automated dashboards and hopefully no late nights,” Fazil said.

He explained that the agency believes that the role of technology is essential for the team to focus on more cerebral and complex tasks while leaving the rest to technology. “So far, we are on track to achieve our goal of reaching three billion people through our work by 2025,” he said.

Two years ago, C27 received an undisclosed investment from communications network Fetus International. Fazil previously said the funds will serve as working capital for the agency to make key hires, expand existing internal functions, research and development, as well as product development.

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