Broadcaster eyes UK as next Eurovision host


Geneva – War-torn Ukraine, which won Eurovision this year, will not be able to host next year’s competition, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), which is considering rather Britain as host. Last month Ukraine’s Kalush Orchestra won the world’s biggest musical event and, according to tradition, the country is set to host next year’s event. But the EBU said “given the ongoing war” since Russia invaded Ukraine last February, it had determined it was impossible for the event to take place there. “Given the current circumstances, the security and operational guarantees required for a broadcaster to host, organize and produce the Eurovision Song Contest… cannot be met,” he said.
Instead, the EBU said it would now “enter into discussions with the BBC, as this year’s finalist, to potentially host the Eurovision Song Contest 2023 in the UK”.
“We fully intend for Ukraine’s victory to be reflected in next year’s trade fairs,” the EBU said.
“That will be a priority for us in our discussions with potential hosts.”
British Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s office welcomed the move.
“We would of course be delighted to be able to work closely with Ukraine and the BBC to host it here in the UK,” his spokesperson said.
“We are committed to ensuring that it overwhelmingly reflects the rich culture, heritage and creativity of Ukraine, while building on the ongoing partnership between our two countries.”
Riding a huge wave of public support, Kalush Orchestra beat 24 contestants in the glitzy annual music competition with “Stefania,” a rap lullaby combining Ukrainian folk beats and modern hip-hop.
This victory provided a much-needed morale boost to the beleaguered nation after the full-scale invasion of Russia on February 24.
Although the trajectory of the war remains uncertain, the EBU said a quick decision on moving the event was needed.
“The Eurovision Song Contest is one of the most complex television productions in the world with thousands of people working and participating in the event and 12 months of preparation time required,” he said.


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