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The CN8x15 IAS S Cine Servo Super 35 lens has a focal range of 15-120mm (8x) (22.5-180mm with a built-in 1.5x extender), making it useful for live production and creative filmmaking. It’s the widest lens in the Cine Servo range, promises a cinematic look up to 8K resolution and has an 11-blade iris for smooth bokeh.

It features a detachable drive unit, interchangeable EF/PL mount, and focus gears that fit most third-party accessories. It also supports virtual systems using Canon’s 16-bit absolute encoder, Cooke /i technology and Zeiss eXtended Data communication (PL mount) for accurate recording of lens metadata for post-production.

The new UHD Digisuper 122xAF is a large body lens with autofocus. Users will still have full focus control, but for fast-paced situations where UHD makes focusing more crucial, Customizable AF can help. It is compatible with the new FDJ-S31/41 focus controller. The lens offers a “peak wide angle” (8.2mm) of up to 1000mm (2000mm with built-in 2x extender), with advanced UHD image stabilization and minimized focus breathing.

The EU-V3 Extension Unit adds functionality to Canon’s EOS C300 Mark III and EOS C500 Mark II cameras for live production. It features SDI return for broadcast stream monitoring, pointing light, 12-pin lens communication for Cine Servo and broadcast lenses, Ethernet for remote control, and XC protocol support from Cannon. A new focus position indicator allows users to visually monitor and manually record focus positions with compatible broadcast, Compact Cine Servo and Cine Servo lenses, such as the CN8x15, for more complex control .

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