Big Eyes Coin raises over $1 million in first week of presale, shows it will be bigger than Filecoin and MonkeyBalls


The success of any crypto project is evident from its pre-sale. This step provides a clear insight into the support he enjoys from members of his crypto community. It also determines whether the project will outlast the competition in that space.

Big Eyes Coin has shown it has the support of the crypto community. From its pre-sale, it was apparent that Big Eyes had well-implemented plans. These plans will help it weather the competitive storm in this space.

Big Eyes Coin has given itself an edge by being a community project. It also promised to provide the world’s first meme-powered decentralized exchange with cross-chain functionality.

This platform, called Big Eyes Swap, will link Ethereum, its host blockchain, to other crypto networks. It will also open rewarding opportunities that users can exploit for high passive income.

Let’s review all the opportunities for crypto enthusiasts to make money in the Big Eyes ecosystem. Additionally, we will compare Big Eyes with Filecoin and MonkeyBalls.

Big Eyes positioned itself as a democratically run project. It is a project created for the people and managed by the people. All aspects of Big Eyes create room for passive income generation. Big Eyes also allows its users to initiate edits by voting.

Voting power is granted by owning BIG tokens. Thus, users receive governance and voting rights by purchasing and holding BIG tokens.

In addition to governance rights, all BIG token holders will receive reflective rewards from Big Eyes. This will be a regular feature where rewards are returned to BIG token holders in proportion to the number of tokens they own.

Members of the Big Eyes crypto community can also take advantage of its decentralized exchange to earn additional passive income. Staking and providing liquidity allows them to dedicate their tokens to the platform for passive rewards.

The Big Eyes NFT marketplace is another avenue users can use for unique rewards. Thanks to its large crypto community, NFT designers can display their NFTs for thousands of users. This community will help them quickly market their creations and earn money.

Filecoin is a new type of crypto project. This creates an ecosystem where anyone can gift their used storage space to earn unique rewards. Filecoin also allows users to access these cloud storage facilities in a decentralized and secure way.

Unlike other cloud storage facilities, Filecoin promises to be based on blockchain technology and powered by FIL, its native cryptocurrency. It offers next-gen encryption along with very competitive fees.

Another outstanding feature of Filecoin is its file duplication, ensuring that stored files are 100% secure. So you can quickly restore them from hard drive storage facility in case of cyber attacks or other technical issues.

Big Eyes will be secure like Filecoin. It will ensure the security of its users’ information by not requiring any form of KYC. Thanks to the Ethereum blockchain, transactions will be completely secure and decentralized.

MonkeyBalls is an NFT powered play-to-earn game. It uses unique monkey NFTs hosted on Solana to grant access or its metaverse. The gameplay of MonkeyBalls is a turn-based football game inspired by top games like FIFA and fantasy football.

MonkeyBalls offers different game modes, such as head to head or team play. It also allows users to play against the MonkeyBalls environment or algorithm. Each of these game modes allow users to earn real crypto tokens.

MonkeyBalls has two main cryptocurrencies, MBS and SCORE. These have unique roles in the operation of the project. While MBS is the native currency that powers transactions, SCORE powers the DAO for the ecosystem.

Big Eyes will mimic MonkeyBalls by being community driven. Its ecosystem will be decentralized and easily modifiable to meet the needs of its users.

To hold BIG tokens before the launch date, visit the official Big Eyes website and enter the presale section. Fund your wallet with BNB, ETH or USDT tokens and connect it to the presale portal.

Check how much you want to buy and start the transaction. Participants will receive purchased tokens once the presale is over.

Meme coins will eventually dominate as they leverage the influence of the community, the most important force behind any project. Join the project today to enjoy its enormous future benefits.

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