Big Eyes and Solchicks will leverage the power of the crypto community to raise crypto millionaires like Apecoin


The success of all crypto projects lies in the strength of the crypto community. When a crypto project offers its users more opportunities for utility and reward, it is more likely to succeed.

Crypto projects like Big Eyes (BIG) have considered this essential factor when designing their project. They made sure their users were front and center to take advantage of every opportunity.

What exactly does the Big Eyes project offer members of its crypto community? This article will answer this question. It will also compare the Big Eyes crypto project with two other successful crypto projects, Solchicks and Apecoin.

Big Eyes – A meme project with revolutionary utilities
Big Eyes is new to the crypto space. It started as a meme crypto project hosted on Ethereum. This decision is relevant because Ethereum is well known for providing a solid infrastructure for hosting projects.

Big Eyes is not looking to make money for himself alone. He has big plans for himself and his users. The Big Eyes project intends to grow, break records and set new ones in the crypto space.

However, for members of its crypto community, Big Eyes will make them financially stable. Big Eyes will achieve this through numerous reward opportunities hosted within its ecosystem. One of them is through its reward distribution system.

The Big Eyes ecosystem has implemented a protocol. This protocol initiates a redemption function within the Big Eyes crypto project. It returns 50% of all trading fees to all its token holders.

This reflective rewards system makes everyone who HODLs BIG tokens have more BIG crypto tokens added to their holdings. This guarantees a constant increase in the amount and value of BIG crypto tokens.

Further proof that Big Eyes is dedicated to helping members of its crypto community can be seen on Big Eyes’ Twitter page. With the token presale underway, Big Eyes is hosting a $250,000 BIG token giveaway.

Within the Big Eyes ecosystem, there are other opportunities that its users can exploit to earn more money. Its NFT Marketplace is a promising innovation that could become the premier NFT trading platform ever created.

Big eyes compared to Solchicks and Apecoin
Solchicks is an NFT-based fantasy gaming platform hosted on Solana. Members of its crypto community can profit from using and trading NFTs.

Each NFT in the Solchicks metaverse is unique and has unique properties. Solchicks NFT also intends to leverage the cuteness of its daughters to promote its platform. In addition to using chicks as avatars to earn rewards, users can breed these NFT chicks to form new NFTs.

Metaverse gaming platform Solchicks rewards users for their time and commitment. It offers different game modes, such as single player and multiplayer.

Apecoin is a meme coin project affiliated with popular NFT projects. One such NFT platform is Bored Ape Yacht Club which has gained popularity in 2021 and is owned by several celebrities like Justin Bieber and Eminem among others. Like Big Eyes, Apecoin is an ERC-20 token with a fixed supply.

Big Eyes will use the fully developed Ethereum blockchain and its still active crypto community to emulate the success of Apecoin and Solchicks. It has dedicated 5% of its tokens to marketing. It will leverage celebrity influence and grow as popular meme pieces.

How to buy the Big Eyes presale
Are you considering joining the Big Eyes crypto project? The Token Presale is here to give you early access to its features at a discounted price.

Install the metamask on your devices and fund the crypto wallet with ETH, USDT or BNB tokens. Visit to access and register for the presale portal. Select the crypto you would pay with and the number of BIG crypto tokens you would buy. Connect your wallet and approve the transaction.

All presale participants will go to the claim page at the end of the presale to collect their purchased tokens.

Big Eyes has a strong footing in this crypto space. It promises to lock 20% of its tokens in crypto exchanges like Uniswap. You can still purchase the presale. If you missed phase 1, get the BIG crypto tokens now before they increase by 25% in the next phase. Use the links below to purchase the presale.

Big Eyed Coin (BIG)


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