Ben Kaus targets the town hall of North Mankato


NORTH MANKATO, Minn. (KEYC) — Born and raised in North Mankato and now raising a family in North Mankato, Ben Kaus looks on for the mayor’s seat.

As chairman of Vetter Stone, he thinks his background in business and finance will suit him well in the role of mayor.

“I learned the importance of being a team leader and someone who values ​​teamwork,” Kaus said. “As well as someone who can get into finance and understand how we need to prioritize the needs of our citizens.”

Kaus worked in the community to get his message across to continue the small town feel of North Mankato, while developing infrastructure and working on a bond bill for the Caswell North Soccer Complex. He says one of his biggest goals is to communicate with the people of North Mankato.

“Good collaboration from the whole team, from the city administrator to the financial director, to the city council and the citizens who attend,” said Kaus. “And going out there to hear what’s important to them, our citizens need to attend so we can tell them exactly what we’re working with so we can prioritize properly.”

When it comes to public safety, Kaus says he wants to have a close relationship with the police chief to best serve the needs of the department.

“And understand exactly what the police team needs, what they’re looking for, where we need to improve,” Kaus said. “Really, it’s about reaching out to them and telling them how can we work with you, what our needs are and how can we meet them.”

One of Kaus’ goals is to get the community involved by getting to know the people he serves and saying his door is always open.

“Trust, integrity, family,” Kaus said. “Bring it all to North Mankato and bring a work ethic, someone who works hard and someone who cares about the community.”


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