Atlanta mulls $75,000 settlement in police harassment lawsuit


Anderson’s attorney did not respond to requests for comment.

In the lawsuit, Clarke is described as a senior inspector with the Atlanta Police Department responsible for employee scheduling, assignments, operations, hiring and firing. Anderson alleged that she reported Clarke to supervisors and learned that the APD had previously transferred him to the Crime Prevention Unit after harassing other women in the APD.

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An ODA spokesperson told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution in February that Clarke had again been reassigned to the department.

Anderson alleged that she told Clarke to stop hitting on her immediately the moment he approached her after she was hired as an APD inspector in 2019. Clarke also allegedly commented on other women while ‘they were traveling together for work, according to the lawsuit.

Clarke allegedly sexually touched Anderson’s shoulder and harassed her on the phone, according to the lawsuit. The APD allegedly told her it would take years to investigate the complaint she filed with the Atlanta Human Resources Department, so she filed discrimination charges with the Federal Equal Opportunity Commission in terms of employment.

The lawsuit says Atlanta launched an investigation into Anderson’s allegations in April 2021, but she ultimately resigned in June 2021 amid weeks of alleged harassment and ridicule of Clarke from other officers.


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