American woman had 23 contact lenses in her eyes for nearly a month


This story contains images that may disturb some.

An American woman complaining of eye discomfort was found to have 23 contact lenses embedded in her right upper eyelid.

California ophthalmologist Dr Katerina Kurteeva described the patient’s ordeal last month in a video that has gone viral with millions of views.

She said Initiated that in 20 years as a doctor, she had never seen anything like it.

“Towards the end of the day, a patient in her mid-70s who wore daily contact lenses came in saying she felt she had something in her eye that she couldn’t get out.

“Even though we ask the elderly to come in once a year for checkups, this woman had skipped appointments and hadn’t been in the office for two years. Even though her vision was blurry, it was the pain which bothered her the most.

“My mind jumped at the possibilities of what it could be: a piece of broken contact lens, a scratch on the cornea, an infection, an eyelash or makeup debris. I wouldn’t know until I would have done the exam.”

And what she found could only be seen to be believed.

“So today I met my very first patient with multiple retention contact lenses,” Kurteeva said. “Previously, I had only heard about it in books.”

Posted on California Eye Associates instagram page, she said the patient’s contact lenses were essentially “glued” together and sat under the eyelid for about a month.

“The only complaint she had was that for a week she felt there was something in her eye,” Kurteeva said.

A total of 23 contact lenses were removed from the woman’s upper right eyelid and one from her left eyelid.

“Laying out the contacts on a handkerchief, I separated each one with fine-tipped tweezers and counted 23 contact lenses. Some of them were yellow and some were light blue, because if the natural color of d ‘one contact lens is light blue, the stain I put in his eyes for examination had colored some of the lenses yellow.’

Kurteeva said the patient couldn’t believe it either “and asked me if I was sure of the number I was counting.”

“After removing the biggest drop, we scooped out a few more from the corners, rinsed her eye carefully with sterile distilled water, removed some of the mucus and sent her home with eye drops. -inflammatory. She said she felt much better already.”

The harrowing abduction was done with an eyelid speculum to keep the patient’s eyelids open due to the contact lenses embedded in the upper right eyelid.

Kurteeva used a cotton swab to scrape the lenses from the reddened eye, carefully separating them as she went.

“Never sleep in your contacts! They can get stuck under your upper eyelid and cause a serious eye infection,” she said.


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