Alcon launches the Clareon line of lenses in the United States


Eye care specialist Alcon has launched the Clareon intraocular lens (IOL) family in the United States

The company claims that Clareon Clarity is born from a flicker-free IOL material that has among the lowest levels of haze and sub-surface nanoglistins (SSNGs) compared to leading competitor IOLs.

Ian Bell, President, Global Business and Innovation, Alcon, said, “We are proud to bring our latest IOL technology to the United States and other countries around the world. At Alcon, we constantly push the boundaries to deliver transformational innovation to cataract surgeons and their patients. Clareon is the result of robust R&D efforts at every level – inventive materials science, advanced manufacturing techniques and new delivery systems – to deliver exceptional, long-lasting clarity.

The Clareon portfolio leverages many of the same design and optical features as Alcon’s IOLs to help deliver the results surgeons expect. Clareon provides crisp, clear vision with an edge designed to help reduce glare and posterior capsular clouding. The lens’ Stableforce haptics provide superior axial and rotational stability. Clareon has been extensively researched and included in 30 published studies worldwide. The Clareon Monofocal and Clareon Toric IOLs have already been implanted in more than one million eyes in more than 70 countries.

Clareon IOLs are inserted using the reusable Clareon Monarch IVDelivery System, which allows for precise implantation and was designed specifically for the new Clareon material. Clareon Monofocal is also available in the single-use automated dispensing system, AutonoMe.

Dr. Samuel H. Lee, MD, Ophthalmologist, Sacramento, Calif., said, “As one of the Clareon pivotal trial investigators, I was immediately impressed with the clarity of the new IOL material, system placement and consistent refraction results. Today, Clareon’s clarity persists four years later in my test patients, with the optical performance I’ve come to expect from Alcon IOLs, along with consistently high patient satisfaction.

Clareon Monofocal, Clareon PanOptix, Clareon PanOptix Toric, Clareon Vivity and Clareon Vivity Toric IOLs Now Available in the U.S. Clareon PanOptix offers patients the option of 20/20 distance (far), intermediate (end-of-range) vision arm) and near near), with continuous vision of 20/25 or better. Clareon Vivity is a non-diffractive extended depth of field lens with wavefront shaping X-WAVE technology, providing monofocal quality distance with excellent intermediate and functional near vision and with a visual disturbance profile monofocal.

Clareon Toric will be available in the United States later this year. Alcon will roll out the Clareon family of intraocular implants in international markets throughout 2022 and 2023.


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