AI-designed sunglasses that are better than your eyes


Using artificial intelligence, the pros at SPY+ have innovated the way a sun lens can be made, resulting in color enhancement that outperforms the human eye by 30% and any sunglasses competition twice as much. . Discover HAPPY BOOST ™, the next generation technology designed to improve mood and alertness and give you literally superhuman eyesight in blinding light conditions. Most color enhancing lenses on the market are only partially effective and saturate colors unevenly. Using AI, SPY+ was able to analyze “more than 10 million unique lens combinations, taking into account all visible colors, different times of day, weather and other factors that affect lens perception. colors”. The result is a lens, newly constructed from the molecular level, that evenly enhances color and optimizes white balance. HAPPY BOOST lenses are now available in mirror Ice Blue colorway with bronze polarized base with hydro-oleophobic and anti-reflective coatings and can be used on 12 popular SPY+ models in matte black or matte white.

Price: $180-$210


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