After Opry debut, Houston’s rousing country music star Julia Cole goes streaming


KNOWN FOR HER pace and attitude, rising artist Julia Cole joined the elite circle of talent that includes legends such as Johnny Cash and Loretta Lynn earlier this month in Nashville. She performed in the Grand Ole Opry to a packed house.

“It was like a wedding, it was so beautiful and epic,” says Cole, who grew up in North Houston. “There were flowers everywhere and relatives traveled far to see the show.” She wore a sparkling maxi dress embellished with fabric “recycled” from her late grandfather’s western-style shirt and jewelry made from the shirt’s pearl snaps.

In addition to performing “White Pearls,” a tribute to fearless mothers, Cole also performed his streaming hit “Thank God We Broke Up,” which was released in April after his TikTok tease exploded. The single is on Cole’s new Any ‘Nother Margarita EP, and the video has been added to the CMT rotation.

She’s on track to hit 100 million music streams by fall, thanks to her honest, raw, and often humorous songs that boost self-esteem. His breakup anthems take a half-full approach to avoiding a bad relationship, while his love songs inspire millions to come even closer to their loved one.

Cole got her start singing the anthem before her Klein High School volleyball games, which led her to perform at NFL, MLB, NASCAR and ESPN events. An avid soccer player since childhood, she credits athleticism for her team spirit and determination. As an advocate for women’s athletics, she raised funds for women’s sports initiatives for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Middle Tennessee. She is an ambassador for Mizuno Athletic Wear, which uses Cole’s song “Honey Child” in its campaign to empower women.

“I got my sound from all the different influences in Houston, but mostly in the locker room where I was introduced to many different types of music from various teammates from various places,” Cole explains. The compassionate singer loves lyrics that empower women and build confidence and writes about the things she goes through in her personal life. “But I also like to move, dance and just have fun playing,” she says.

“It’s been a whirlwind of things I couldn’t have guessed,” says Cole, “like my streams hitting 100 million, my first Sirius XM song The Highway, and being invited to Opry.” (Photo by Alejandro Medina III)

At the Opry, Cole performed her song “White Pearls,” a tribute to fearless mothers, and her new streaming hit “Thank God We Broke Up.” (Photo by Chris Hollo)

Cole’s career skyrocketed after meeting songwriter Chuck Cannon in Houston who encouraged her to move to Nashville and learn the business. “He and his late wife Lari took me under their wing, showed me a publishing opportunity, and helped me navigate all of my early deals,” Cole says.

The year 2022 is big. “It’s been a whirlwind of things I couldn’t have guessed, like my streams jumping to 100 million, my first Sirius XM song The Highway, and the Opry invite.” Now she is focused on releasing a song every week, a duet, and planning a full album. She hosts upcoming TV series, The Ultimate Fanfeston Circle TV debuting in 2023 on attendance at music festivals across the country.

A few highlight moments for Cole would be a #1 on country radio, a CMA award, an ACM award, and a Grammy. “I grew up watching my idols like Kelly Clarkson, Whitney Houston and Steve Perry of Journey win these prestigious awards.” Cole adds, “Another idol is Dolly Parton for her brilliant business acumen.”

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