AFP warns Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group that foreign governments are supporting organized crime in Australia


Drug cartels and other organized crime groups are infiltrated and aided by hostile foreign governments to launder dirty money and sell illegal substances in Australia.

The alarming assessment was made by the nation’s top police officer at a meeting in Sydney of leading crime-fighting figures from the Five Eyes nations of the US, UK, Canada, Australia. Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Federal Police Commissioner Reece Kershaw, who currently chairs the Five Eyes Law Enforcement Group (FLEG), said “the shadow cast by organized crime and state aggression” is fueling a rise in serious crime .

“State actors and citizens of certain nations are using our countries to the detriment of our sovereignty and our economies,” Commissioner Kershaw said Wednesday evening during a meeting of visiting officials from national and international agencies.

Speaking to figures from organizations including the FBI, Royal Canadian Mounted Police, New Zealand Police and the UK’s National Crime Agency, Commissioner Kershaw confirmed that “federal crime in Australia is on the rise. “.

“The long shadow of organized crime and state aggression is contributing to this increase,” he told his audience, which included new Attorney General Mark Dreyfus.

“For AFP, geopolitics and regional instability continue to influence our strategic priorities,” he said.

“Our operational focus remains the fight against terrorism, espionage and foreign interference; child exploitation; cybercrime; fraud and serious transnational organized crime – what we call transnational, serious and organized crime ( TSOC)”.

The AFP commissioner also revealed that “a significant number of TSOC unions targeting Australia have traveled overseas to evade or deceive law enforcement.”

“In some cases, this deception is made possible by the inaction of certain governments,” he said.

Commissioner Kershaw did not specify which foreign states were involved.

He described how money laundering organizations from an unspecified region were clearly visible in all Five Eyes countries.

“TSOC’s crime pattern is facilitated by countries that have unregulated chemical and financial markets.”

“We cannot ignore that some countries produce [drug] precursors on a breathtaking scale.”

“We also cannot ignore that some countries, I would say, turn a blind eye to the proceeds of crime that invade their economies.”


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