Acclaimed Hidden Sparks Learning Lenses course returns in person


The overwhelming demand prompted Hidden Sparks to resume its popular Learning Lenses course for in-person sessions this July in Manhattan. Hidden Sparks is the leading nonprofit organization dedicated to providing Jewish school teachers with the tools to support struggling students in mainstream classrooms.

The award-winning four-day program for teachers and administrators will take place July 20, 21, 25 and 26 at the Chelsea Shul in Manhattan.

The course’s popularity has grown among educators as it provides a unique holistic framework to enhance learning experiences for students with a wide range of social and emotional needs. It includes interactive in-person sessions and group learning, delving into the most essential and critical tools for effectively engaging classes that include a wide range of learners.

“Researchers have demonstrated a direct correlation between teachers who adopt a strength-based perspective and belief in their students with better results,” said Debbie Niderberg, CEO of Hidden Sparks. “While all of our courses continue to benefit the thousands of participants who have enrolled over the past decade, our Learning Lenses course continues to be one of our most popular and essential seminars for teachers, including including very experienced teachers, as it explores the basic elements of children’s learning and behaviors, teacher agency, and strategies to enhance student learning and engagement, especially for students who have difficulties in these areas.

The program deepens educators’ abilities to promote each child’s academic advancement, emphasizing strategies that enhance the educational experiences of neurodiverse learners. Topics covered in the seminar will broaden participants’ understanding of all components of child neurodevelopment, including attention, memory, social skills, language, and higher-order thinking. Participants will come away with a nuanced understanding of strategies for empowering students who struggle in these areas. The seminar will also explore student temperament, classroom ecology, as well as methods for cultivating an optimal learning atmosphere for a wide range of learners.

Nearly 4,000 educators have participated in previously organized Hidden Sparks programs to better identify and provide appropriate support to students with learning differences, enabling their advancement in mainstream classrooms. This summer, Hidden Sparks is also offering several differentiated instruction workshops.

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