A doctor removed 23 pairs of contact lenses from a patient


RECENTLYa TikTok video showing a doctor removing several old daily contact lenses from a woman’s eye in a greenish mass had gone viral.

In a report of The sunvirality ICT Tac by user @dr9 has garnered over 23 million views and the woman has been dubbed a ‘Guinness World Record Patient’ for having the most contact lenses removed by a medical professional behind her eyes.

The doctor warned other people who wear contact lenses not to leave them on overnight.

Contact lens optician Sharon Copeland told The Sun that sleeping with contact lenses is dangerous because it can lead to infection like pseudomonas, a type of bacteria that can cause an infection leading to blindness. Not only that, sleeping in these lenses can cause dryness and pain in the eyes and to top it off, frequent use of lenses can slowly cause ulcers and inflammation due to the limited oxygen supply to the eyes. .

“Even taking a nap with daily contact lenses is a bad idea, even if they can be thrown away at the end of the day. Thus, nap-goers are recommended to remove their contacts before taking a nap, even unplanned ones, and always remove them before settling down for a night’s rest,” she said. .

Even if someone accidentally dozes off with their lenses on, don’t try to take them out quickly.

“Gently massage the eyes to create moisture or use eye drops so you don’t tear them out of the dry eyes, which is painful,” she explained.

If possible, remove contact lenses for a few days to rest the eyes.

Other British researchers have advised people to avoid wearing contact lenses underwater or in the shower.

A study published in Opthamology found that wearing lenses overnight, underwater or reusing them as there is a high risk of contracting Acanthamoeba keratitis (AK), a corneal infection that occurs when the parasite acanthamoeba is trapped between the cornea and the contact lens which eats away at the stratum corneum causing severe pain and in some cases blindness.

Meanwhile, netizens had no problem tearing up the patient as they called her careless and negligent about her eye health.

“I wear lenses and I know I have them. How did she not know?? 23 lenses!!!” exclaimed one user.

“Please explain exactly how this can happen,” another user asked.

“I can’t…it’s just pure negligence, that’s all.” I’m shocked,” said one user who claimed to be an optometrist.


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