5 Innovative Studios Making Snapchat Augmented Reality Lenses

  • Snap launched Lens Studio in 2017, allowing Snapchat creators to create AR lenses for the app.
  • Since the launch of Lens Studio, many studios have focused their activities on the development of AR lenses.
  • These AR studios have created Snapchat lenses for brands like Coca-Cola, Disney, and Sephora.

While Snap recently reported disappointing results in the second quartermainly due to lagging advertising revenue, the short-lived messaging platform has been a leader in augmented reality creators.

Since the launch of Lens Studio in late 2017, which allows Snapchat creators to create AR lenses for the app, a slew of studios have focused their business on developing Snapchat AR lenses for a range of brands, including Coca -Cola, Disney, Levi’s, Sephora and Walmart. The lenses also offer a wide range of experiences, from allowing users to virtually try on makeup and clothing to tracking pregnancy.

“We’re only scratching the surface of what augmented reality can do,” Sophia Dominguez, head of partnerships for Snap’s AR platform, told Insider. “With Lens Studio, creators and developers can take advantage of this tool to bring anything they want to see to life or solve any problem they want.”

For a subset of independent creators, developing AR lenses for Snapchat has become a full-time job. Cyrene Quiamco, for example, who left her job at Verizon in 2015 to focus on creating Snapchat content, earned nearly $750,000 in 2021 from her work on AR lenses for brands such as Hulu, Marriott and Ultimate.

Some studios, as they work, have developed niches. 2020CV, which has developed Snapchat AR lenses for Disney, Comic-Con and the Dallas Mavericks, specializes in recreating visual effects from movies, while Wabisabi Design, a company that has developed lenses for Coca-Cola , excels in designing AR-based games.

Here are five cutting-edge studios creating AR lenses for Snapchat:


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