Zimbabwe: Fertilizer Producer Aims for Market Growth


FERTILIZER producer, NuFert Zimbabwe, is looking to expand the market reach of its unique prescription blends and bespoke fertilizers.

Unlike mass-produced ammonium nitrate, the company’s main products – Pfumo top dressing mix and EcoBlack N – are tailored to the specific needs of farmers with respect to both a particular crop and soil condition. .

Pfumo topdressing is a blended line, which has a similar nitrogen value as ammonium nitrate, but also has an additional 11% sulfur content which is good for plant growth, which is economical for the plant. farmer and helps with the proteins in the crop.

EcoBlack N is a granulated urea, coated with an organic complex of carbon and other biological stimulants, which increase microbial activity around the granule by optimizing nitrogen use efficiency.

Nufert Zimbabwe managing director Anton Brown said the group was looking to expand its outlets across the country.

“We work through a number of outlets. Electrosales is one of our main outlets, so we will be doing a lot of promotions with Electrosales.

“We also have our own depot in Concession and a retail outlet in Mvurwi. We are considering a retail outlet in the Midlands region, and we are also considering one now in Marondera.

“We want to make the product readily available to farmers,” Brown said.

“And we’re also looking to introduce a different size pack, a 25kg pack, because that amount will make it easier for someone using a smaller sized parcel.”

A division of Origen Corporation, NuFert began operations in 2016.

The company supplies and manufactures blended fertilizers for commercial farmers, cooperatives, agribusinesses and smallholder farmers in Zimbabwe.

In 2018, Nufert introduced a new liquid gypsum formula to the market nearly a decade after mass production of gypsum was halted in the country, giving farmers access to the much needed product.


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