Where are all the third party lenses for Canon and Nikon?


One of the most compelling reasons to choose a Sony as your first serious camera is the multitude of third-party lenses available. Why is there still so little glass made by smaller manufacturers for full-frame mirrorless mounts from Canon and Nikon?

Dave McKeegan offers some stats to show the big difference between Sony and all the other manufacturers before offering his own theory on how this happened. If he’s right, it could complicate things for Canon and Nikon given that the entry-level market is huge, and locking customers into your mount and therefore your ecosystem at such an early stage can be very beneficial in the long run. term.

Canon is rumored to be readying an RF-mount camera that costs less than $800, but even if Sony doesn’t match that ridiculously low price with a model of its own, savvy customers will realize that once you’ll start adding to your lens collection, opting for Sony right off the bat might make more sense thanks to the wide range of affordable lenses from manufacturers like Samyang/Rokinon, Tamron, Sigma, Viltrox, and more.

That might change over time, but as things stand, I’m more likely to recommend Sony to friends considering their first camera simply because while the bodies are trickier and less user-friendly, the options for objective make the system much more accessible.

Why do you think Canon and Nikon have so few third-party manufacturers making glass for their mirrorless mounts? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.


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